Alternative usage of Monoprice Garage door sensor

I bought 3 Garage door sensors from Monoprice about a month ago and they are working great.
But then I found deal in Iris Garage door controller and I’m using them now, So all 3 Garage door sensors are now removed.

Rather than trying to re-sell it, I was wondering if there’s any alternative usage.
Go-Control contact sensor can also be used as leak detector, is there any other way we can use this Garage door sensor?


I use a tilt sensor on the hatch of our car so that the garage doesn’t close if it’s open.


The mono price device is a large tilt sensor, so you can use it on anything where a vertical lift tilt sensor would be useful.

Some people use it on a mailbox cover.

Some people use it on a trashcan lid to determine if the trash has been taken out to the can.

Some people use one on a dog food container to track whether the dog has been fed that day.

Some people use them on a chest that contains pool chemicals to track whether the pool has been serviced.

So pretty much anything where there is a large lid which is moved through an angle similar to the angle of a garage door. Depending on the exact design you may be able to report “open” versus “closed,” but I think it’s more common just to track whether the sensor moved in a particular time period.

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If you open it up and remove the circuit board, you will find the actual switch on the back. In theory, any ‘switch’ (on/off) sensor could be used - not an analog one like a thermometer.

You can also use the tamper switch the same way.

There is a document on the z-wave settings they use here:

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BTW, I’ve not yet found how to use the tamper, it’s not accessible through the default device handler.

The mfg pointed to SmartThings, SmartThings says they can’t release the device handler code.


Try using the Z wave tweaker device type Handler. It should expose any parameters that you can set.

I have the documentation for the z-wave side of the device, the mfg sent me the pointer to download it. Especially since the tweaker doesn’t support battery operated devices.

What I was trying to do was avoid creating a custom device handler via trial and error.

Is there already extant a more full featured driver as a starting point?

My bad on the tweaker ref, sorry. :disappointed_relieved:

As for a DTH that includes tamper, @barkis might know, I believe he’s worked with this device.

Off topic slightly ~ how did you get the Monopiece Garage Door Sensor to pair with Smartthings hub? the directions are horrible and no help at all. Any help would be appreciated ~ TIA

I have the EcoLink TILT, but the secret is to do this as two steps.

(IF the device has never been powered on, you can skip step 1 and start at 2 of 2 (SmartThings App). But it does’t hurt to assume it might have been paired someday and start at FIRST

FIRST - (the secret sauce)

  1. Remove the battery from the sensor
  2. In the SmartThings app, go to Hub, then Z-Wave Utilities and finally General Device Exclusion
  3. Insert the battery wait until you are told a device is excluded


  1. Remove the battery
    2, In the SmartThings app, My Home | Add a Thing
  2. Put the battery back in and let things sit for a couple minutes. It -should- pair quickly, but I found that sometimes it takes a minute or two.
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Thank you!!! That was VERY helpful!

Just a follow up Q… so do z-wave items need this process?

I have some sensors on doors that did not need that and the plug I plugged my lamp into did not need it either.

It’s up to each manufacturer to decide on what the join process will be for each individual device model, whether it’s Z wave or zigbee. There’s no one universal method. You just have to get the user guide for the particular device you’re working with. :sunglasses:

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Mine is the Ecolink, but (so far!) I’ve only used the stock DH. Since it is on the inside of the garage door, I wasn’t concerned much with ‘tamper’ capability.

So far, I haven’t found a decent technical reference for this device. Just the Installation Manual, which is awesome if you want colorful pictures on how to mount the sensor to your garage door :grin:

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Sometimes the factory reset works, and fresh out of the box (1st time ever) usually seems to work. But reused and repair, well it doesn’t hurt - I’ve used this with GE, Levton, EcoLink and one other manufacturer.

Sorry, my point rather was that different manufactures will have different required physical manipulations of their devices in order for the exclude to be accepted. With some you can just pop the battery, but for many you will also have to, say, hold down the tamper lever while inserting the battery, or insert the battery and then press a button in a specific pattern, or insert the battery and with the case open do something else… There are just a lot of variations.

It never hurts to do a general exclude on a zwave device before you add it to the network, if that was your suggestion. It’s not unusual for a Z wave device have been added to the test bed at the factory and then that information not to have cleared completely before it was shipped out. But the exact process to get the exclude accepted will vary. :sunglasses: