Alternating color RGBW light strip

I’ve been thinking about a way to switch between colors on the RGBW light strips. I wanted the colors to alternate based off of a time interval(e.g. every 10 seconds). Seeing as Smartthings doesn’t run continuously, I would need a method to do it for me. Groovy has a runIn() method but it seems like it’s only based off motion. Any suggestions on how i can implement a method to help me complete this task or is there a way i can invoke the runIn() method?

I know this is a useless answer in this case, but it works REALLY well!

If you can’t make ST do what you want, take it out of the equation!

I have my “Christmas” mode just alternate randomly with a max of 3 seconds between green and red, works really well.

I believe the smartapp linked in this thread will do alternating in the way OP wants. It works for me.

What I’d like to see is how to alternate the actual LED color on the same strip at the same time - like how to show off a rainbow all at once.