ALL Zwave devices dropped, module dead, hub replacement on the way, I'm gonna be sick

Not documented, but we figured power-users would check the logs :wink:, and others would contact Our KB/FAQ section of our support site is where we will document it … if it becomes an actual “Frequently Asked Question”. We informed our Beta participants of this change and none of them had any concerns, so we avoided rocking the boat out in Production.

Yes… I definitely think that SmartThings should impose limits.

But frankly, the vast majority of SmartThings Customers do not use “non-stock handlers”. They use the Add Thing function in the SmartThings App and don’t even know there is an IDE to login to. So that would cover most of the excessive data.

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No doubt, Terry, you’ve noticed all of the useless logging left in stock handlers quietly generating logging traffic in the cloud, taking cycles that benefit no one. A ‘Debug’ switch in each handler would turn down the noise for all but the instance being debugged. Support could use it; power users could use it; developers could use it — and the vast majority would never know or care…


@Barkis, @tgauchat, @Nezmo, @JDRoberts,

I’m stuck in Atlanta’s airport, with time for a quick reply.

I agree with all your points. Every single energy metering device has been set to report based on a large percentage change instead of watts change. Now on to the zigbee iris plugs.


Without a migration/Backup/Restore tool how does Smartthings expect you to move to V3 hub if one should ever come out? Wonder how you market that new hub version informing people you need to manually reconnect all your devices…

I’d say at least 100,000 Hub V1 customers went ahead and purchased Hub V2 despite the lack of migration tools. Or put another way, I’d say at least 70% of Hub V1 customers migrated.

The lack of a migration tool must not be a serious impediment to Samsung-SmartThings’s goals; otherwise such a tool would … exist.


SmartThings to current users: drop dead.


I was recently having a discussion with @ajpri about this. He inspired me to start doing this with my DH. I have recently updated one of my biggest offenders.

@ajpri has done the ST power sensor.

This is why I suspect they have not created a v3 hub. I don’t think there are enough people (yet) for them to make money off a v3 hub if 90% of us don’t upgrade because we don’t have a migration tool. Yes, I think a lot upgraded to v2, without a compelling reason to upgrade to v3, I suspect we will all stay with v3 without a migration tool.


Not sure why they have not even come out with a monthly subscription option for better support and back/restore/migration utilities. At least there would be something. This would also bring in revenue for them.

no they did not give me that option… did it work… was it intact… how long did it take. id gladly do overnight mail and be withoutu for a week if they could do this?

John, Were you able to modify any of the ST smartplugs to lower the reporting?

@ajpri already did this.


One Question does this surppress the info from showing or remove/stop it all together?

He gives options in the device setting to prevent the messages from displaying in the activity feed. I have no idea on the actual impact to the ST infrastructure, I’d suspect there is some positive impact.

Basically, in the sendEvent method there is a parameter called displayed. Instead of hard-coding it to false, you can use a value obtained from the device settings.

sendEvent(name: "switch", value: "on", displayed: false)

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Because their target market aggressively opposes monthly fees.

If backup / restore were available only for a monthly fee, the majority of customers would be upset that it wasn’t added for free to the “lifetime” service they presume they purchased with their Hubs (despite the fact that the Terms of Use clearly allow for fees to be added for anything at anytime).

We don’t know what Samsung-SmartThings’s long term strategy is; and add-on fees sure don’t seem like a crazy idea … except to the majority of customers.

yeah, I just installed the DTH, does not make any difference for me. Unless this is not what it fixes. I get power readings every second that is in my opinion slowing my entire ST setup down. This is insane!!!


The majority of the Current SmartThings customers, which, with respect to all those who recently posted on this thread, are a very small piece of the potential IOT market.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, the Z wave alliance has said that 2/3 of zwave devices are professionally installed. And companies that do professional installation and do charge a monthly fee, like Xfinity home and ADT pulse, have customers in the millions, many times more than the current SmartThings base. And SmartThings staff has said multiple times that most of their customers have 15 or fewer devices and don’t use any custom code.

You put all that together, and probably the only thing they have to worry about with people going from V2 to a potential V3 is that they don’t damage the brand. :wink: Leaving the original hubs fee – free while adding fees to the new ones, as they have just done with the new ATT/SmartThings offering, sounds like a perfectly viable business model, even if it’s not one that matches the desires of most of the people posting to these forms.

We’ll see what happens. The new ADT offering is very interesting, I am curious to see how it does in the marketplace. I do think they need to add tightly-integrated cameras to it if they’re going to compete with ring and nest in the segment. But we will see. :sunglasses:

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So the issue with this is local control goes away as soon as you switch to these which for me is a issue as I’ve found in general things run with less latency when all local. Its the reason I try to use SHM custom routines as much as possible instead of webCore or other stuff.

Maybe put in a issue on the repo with this exact issue and suggestions on fixing it? In my opinion I think there is a disconnect between the people answering support and the people doing the actual coding. Those coding seem more reasonable to making things better. Those in support, again my opinion, seem to not be very supportful…

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Believe it or not, I’m mixed on reducing this. It would be great for it to be a setting. I use small changes in power ~10w to determine if my tv is on with Netflix paused. After it’s paused for 10 minutes, harmony just turns it off.

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Device Type Handlers offer “preference” input options exactly for scenarios like this.

The DTH doesn’t change what is reported to the SmartThings Infrastructure, It just tidies up the Activity Log on the mobile app. Nothing else