All ST Details Missing after Installing SmartApp

Hi guys,

I need help please. I have a Groovy IDE account and installed some SmartApps and all was working well until I installed the Echo Speaks and Alexa based SmartApps - now when I log in, all my info is missing and the site says I have nothing registered, not even my Hub 3, which is strange.

Any help as to how I can get my details back? Also, is there a way to uninstall these SmartApps in the SmartThings app itself, as I am unable to do it.



are you logging into IDE at ? If you are using any other link then that could be an issue.

as for Echo Speaks, that app no longer works as ST shut it down. you should definitely remove it from IDE.

Hi, thanks for the tip mate, it is working now. Not sure what happened earlier. I finally removed those apps, but having issues removing the “Ask Alexa” app as it says many people are using it so can’t delete it…strange !

Also, do you know about integrating Yale Alarm to SmartThings, or getting a Smarthing device, eg a multipurpose sensor to trigger an Alexa device?