ALL Smartthings Brand Sensors are suddenly "Disconnected"

Would there be any reason - for the past 30 minutes+ that ALL of my motion and window/door sensors are showing as disconnected? I noticed walking out into my kitchen at 6pm CDT that the lights were not turning on.

I opened the ST app and noticed that all those sensors are now grayed out (both in classic and in new). I have over 25 Hue lights that I can manually control. Even my Ecobee is still showing fine in ST.

As I am writing this, now all my ST AC plugs grayed out on me.

The only things currently functioning in the app are Hue and Ecobee. Oh and my Wife’s arrival sensor which left 12 minutes ago. Not sure of the status if she were to return at this point…

Just now all my Ecobee devices are disconnected from ST apps (about 50 mins after first issue)

Are you still having issues with your devices showing up as disconnected?

I must have had this thread in another spot as well. I ended up figuring out the problem. I was cycling the batteries in my Mavic Pro drone, and apparently the signal from the drone started shutting down my ST devices one by one. Once I turned the drone off, everything came back to life. I tried to duplicate the problem the next day and the same thing started happening. One device after the other started disconnecting and it took about 20 mins or so for all of them to disconnect.