All Smart Apps with a mode flagged?

Is there a way to see every SmartApp (both custom and built-in) that has a certain mode flagged in it? I assume not. I can’t find it in the IDE (which is where I would think it would be).

Basically, I have a “Home” mode and I want to add a “Working from Home” mode. They will be similar, so I want to find all the one’s with Home flagged in them and see if I want to add Working from Home.

I sort of found it under My Locations…Smartapps (for the location). But I have to go through each one to see what the settings are. No way to filter by mode.


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It’s difficult to implement because “location.mode” can be referenced anywhere in SmartApp code… No declaration is required in Preferences.

I actually think this is a non-trivial security hole, because a common use-case for Mode is “Home/Away” linked to alarms and maybe even locks.

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