All my Hue Lights are OFFLINE

I have 26 Hue Lights connected to a Hue Bridge. All the Lights show up in SmartThings, and are controllable via SmartThings and Routines (or they use to be). However, this morning, all the lights are showing offline in SmartThings. They still work fine from Hue Switches/Dimmers. I have been using this setup for well over 7 years. Now I don’t even know how to try to add them back to SmartThings. Did somethings change overnight?

Do you use a SmartThings hub or only using the ST app and their cloud?

Have you tried rebooting everything including your router? Just checking all the boxes before someone gives you more advice. :wink:

I am using a SmartThings hub and a Hue Bridge. I did reboot everything twice this morning and it did not resolve the issue. I just rebooted everything again, including the router and they are back online in SmartThings. Thanks @jkp .

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Rebooting my hue and ST bridges by itself was not enough. I used the offline diagnostics tool from the ST app menu and ran it for only 1 hue device and it put them all online.

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