All lights dim dimming and illuminate gradually when powered on and off

I have several different kinds of lights and dimmer switches that support dimming. what I wouId like is for all of my lights to dim and illuminate gradually when powered on and off every time. I have been trying different brands, I know this probably makes it more difficult. Is there an app or setting that can be integrated that can achieve this across the board.

some of the different devices are
SYLVANIA SMART+ A19, sengled element classic
Philips Hue Phoenix Dimmable LED
SYLVANIA SMART+ RT 5/6 Tunable White LED Recessed
GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Dimmer Switch
GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Lighting Control Motion Dimmer Switch

AFAIK, you have to set that up individually for EACH light (if the DTH even supports it). I’ve tried searching through numerous smart apps (including even trying to create a super piston in webCoRE that trapped the on/off event for each bulb) and as I have found, there is just no easy way to do a mass update on devices. Someone might be able to write a smart app to do it, but AFAIK, there isn’t an easy way to do this in existence today.

I do not see the option to dim or illuminate gradually for any of these devices in the smartthings app or web page.

See this thread with the DTH for GE dimmers.

You can set the dim rate parameters for the switches. But this is not accessible through the standard Smartthings DTH. You temporarily set the DTH in the post, do your configuration and then switch it back to the standard DTH. The configuration remains in the switch.

You can set to almost instant dim up to more than 1 min.

GE 12729 Dimmer fade when issued a set level command


Where is the original device handler, or do I just delete the one I published so it can revert back to the original?

After you create and publish a DTH you need to assign it to a device. You do this in the IDE under the “Devices” menu. Just click on the device you want to change and then click edit. The standard GE GTH is called “ Dimmer Switch”.

Here is a good and extensive FAQ how to do all that:


So I came here to basically ask the same question…

I need a way to slowly bring up the lights in a bedroom at a specific time of day, say 6am, from 0 to 100% over the course of an hour. Is that something the code mentioned above can do?

Not the code discussed in this thread. That’s for a fade rate over a minute or so… Webcore can do what you’re talking about.


Thanks JD.

I just installed it and set it up. Looks like it’ll work just fine.

I had to create two tasks in my piston. The first one to set the level to 0, then to set a final level of 100 over 1 hour. Did a little testing and it seems like it’ll work just fine.

Thank you!

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