All Devices are Unavailable and Cant re-add them

(Justin Graber) #1

I was wondering there was any new news about this. I have rebooted the Hub. I removed one to re-add and now it wont connect

(Justin Graber) #2

also when trying to reconnect the LED on the sensor never comes on, are all my batterys dead?

( - Make your home your butler!) #3

Likely, don’t rely on the battery level notifications - it isn’t a 100% accurate always

(Justin Graber) #4

Yes we have never trusted the battery, seem weird that all are multi-purpose sensors would have bad batterys at the same time, The system is working because it arming when my phone leaves and un-arms when I return, but the sensors say “the device is unavailable”

(Sully) #5

Is Device Health turned on? Sounds like it, and I know more than one person has had issues like yours because of that. You might try turning it off and see if the devices become available.

(Justin Graber) #6

Yes Device health is turned on, ill try turning it off. Thanks for the idea

(Justin Graber) #7

I turned off Device health and it worked, thanks so much