Alexa Voice Services improvements?

Has anyone seen this report:

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Hmm… this may be a bit of a stumbling block for ST coders that may want to play around with AVS:

In order to use the Alexa Voice Service API (v20160207), your device must be able to create and maintain a persistent HTTP/2 connection with the Alexa Voice Service. The following client libraries have been reviewed and are recommended for use:

According to the GitHub listing of available HTTP/2 specifications, we would need the ST cloud version of “http-2”, or some such equivalent.

If I am reading this correctly.

It looks like @Ule is using some of the Alexa services in their new SmartApp:

For the Alexa requests, it looks like Ule is passing the requests off to a webapp at – I’m not sure if this is something Ule developed, but a quick Google search only finds it in the SmartApp code linked above, so I am guessing so!

Hi @joshua_lyon, I have release a Speech to alexa- smarthing method, now you can speak to alexa, try it and let me know