Alexa Voice Services

Has anyone played with this yet??

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I’ll see how easy/hard it would be to code and implement.

Hope someone else tries as well.

This could be awesome.

Sounds like this is just providing another gate way to Alexa.

It’s easy to confuse Alexa and Echo, but the two things are actually different. Alexa is the “Brains” of the operation. She sits in the cloud and you can ask her for information or to do stuff.

The Echo device is a piece of hardware that provides a nice clean access point to Alexa. It’s one a growing number of devices that do this. (The Echo is also a very nice speaker as well… great sound quality in the opinion of this person who isn’t a total audiophile, so take it with a grain of salt.)

Alexa Voice Services sounds like a way to allow any big of hardware that has a mic and speakers to act as a pseudo-echo device… as long as someone can setup the software for it.

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I got this running on a Raspberry Pi a couple months ago. Worked fine, but if I remember right the sample needed input (button click) when starting and stopping a command. I can see potential though, the issue is duplicating the Echo mic array at a reasonable cost.