Alexa triggers WebCoRE?

How do I make it so if I say a command to Alexa, it triggers a WebCoRE piston?

Have Alexa turn on a simulated switch and then have that simulated switch coming on be a condition for the piston running. Same way you would voice activate any automation. :sunglasses:

FAQ: How to Run Scenes and Automations (New V3 App) (2020)

Thank you alot! Another question is how do I make custom alexa commands?

Can you be more specific? Amazon uses the term “custom Alexa commands“ just to mean using your own voice phrase to trigger a routine, but that’s just a built-in feature of Alexa routines, very easy to do.

If you mean create a custom Alexa skill, that’s an entirely different matter. Amazon has a lot of materials available for people interested in doing that.

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Sure, I mean if I say “Alexa, Turn all dining lights off” it doesn’t work. How do I make this run a scene or an automation or WebCoRE?

Thanks in advance

You shouldn’t need to do that as an automation or via webcore. It can be handled natively via the Alexa app. In the app, just create a device group for those lights and name it Dining Lights. Then, when you tell Alexa “Turn off Dining Lights” it will know which lights they are and turn them off.


Ok so, solution, make a scene that triggers a virtual switch in the alexa app, then add a piston for when the virtual switch goes on/off in webcore. If you need to just add a light then just make it turn on/off the light, without the automation