Alexa / WebCore Integration

Hi all, I am looking to move my good night and good morning routine into webcore but need to be able to activate them with Alexa.

Is there a way to make a virtual switch that alexa can turn on that will trigger the routine?


That’s how I do it. I use a simulated switch that I tell Alexa to turn on which triggers a webcore piston that does all I want at bedtime. And in the piston I turn the simulated switch back off so it is ready for the next time.

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For quick and easy way to create a Virtual Switch, I use Switch Mania. Super fast at creating 4 different kinds of Virtual Devices.

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You can use the “Ask Alexa” app. It now supports integration with WebCore:

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I have webcore trigger on the execution of Good night or Good morning, but don’t have anything configured in the routine itself. Instead I let a single WebCore Routine piston determine which devices to operate, based on various conditions, and it controls each of my routines with one exception.

The routine “Guest” changes the mode to a guest mode, which has been configured to prevent all automation from operating, disables the siren, and stops any notifications. Webcore also turns on guest mode if it detects the routine running, and a few other failsafes make sure that I have several ways to get there if there is a major system problem again…

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Excellent thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try that now.