webCore and ask alexa

Dear all,

I need little help with ask alexa and webcore.

not sure if installed the ask alexa in phone appear that’s enough or not. but what I"m trying to do is.

if certain event happen THEN ask alexa certain text “switch off living room light”

my issue is my lights using “smart life” where it’s integrated with smarthings using IFFF. I can trigger it on by montion but not able to turn it off after certain period of time using IFFF, so I need to do it through ask alexa.

hope it’s clear.

thanks in advance

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Hello…I am the author of Ask Alexa. I am actually not 100% clear on what you want to happen here. Ask Alexa works by reacting to commands. So it is less about automation than control. It think you are on the correct track with WebCoRE. You would set up a piston to start a ‘timer’ when a certain light goes on, then have the light go off after the timer has elapsed. Correct?

Are you sure there is not an IFTTT “Off” option?

You can use webooks with webcore. So if your using IFTTT to tell webcore to tur off. You ‘shoukd’ Be able to do the same with off. Besides Alexa ca integrate directly with smartthings. From there you can turn on and off lights without IFTTT. Jus say Alexa, turn on/off light

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thank you everyone for your feedback.

I have wifi wall switch which does not work with smartthings directly. what I need to do is when motion detect any movement it will turn lights on (that’s working fine with IFFF) but the issue is option of (when no motion detect is not available within IFFF integration) so lights goes on but never goes off. in additional, no timer like after 30 minutes then turn lights off.

that’s why I went to check webcore and ask alexa if I can do this task.

from what I understand and sorry if I miss understand it. ask alexa will send comment to alexa to perform certain like if I say it by myself, is that correct or I understand it incorrect ? if this correct, since the wall switch integrated with alexa, I will ask smartthing to send comment to alexa. but not sure if that possible.

here is my wall light switch I bought: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07BDKX9SN/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

this screenshot from IFFF where does not have “no motion detect option”

if I can’t control the lights with motion then I think I have to buy relay from fibero to do this action.