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I’m just wondering if it’s possible to change the phrase you can use when asking Alexa to trigger a smartthings device. I want to have a virtual switch which turns off lights, change temperature etc which can be used as a GoodNight routine. Is it possible to just say “Alexa, GoodNight” for Alexa to trigger it or do I always have to say the turn on/off command?


A couple of ways you can use other voice commands instead of Turn On/Off:

  1. AskAlexa app (search for it)
  2. IFTTT integration which uses Trigger.

IFTTT is more direct, easier to setup AskAlexa is far more powerful and complex, but harder to setup and more wordy when speaking to Alexa.

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Alexa will do ST routines. But (always a but) there are limits. If you have motion sensors also in the routine then Alexa won’t run the routine. For more features, you will need the askAlexa app from community developer @MichaelS. CoRE and IFTTT will also help do things too.

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I don’t see how " Alexa trigger goodnight" … " sending command to IFTTF " is any less wordy than " Alexa tell Odyssey ( or whatever you name your house ) Goodnight "

Alexa doesn’t like motion sensors either ?!?!?!?!?!?! I knew she would not run Goodnight ( or any routines ) that include locks.

This was my main/sole motivation to install AskAlexa . " Alexa tell Odyssey Goodnight" … " Okay good night "

4 words > 3 words. :slight_smile:

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But " Okay Good night " is 3 words verses the " Sending that to IFFED " 4 word response :smile: So it all averages out

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From what I understand, Alexa won’t do any security features (yet?). I forgot about locks since I don’t have smart locks. Alexa will run routines with lights and thermostats. I use “Alexa, tell smartthings sleep (my version of goodnight due to shift work)” that is associated through askAlexa and she puts my house in night sleep mode.

A voice macro in askAlexa can do the routines with security features however. Alexa, tell smartthings gone (my voice macro for ST goodbye routine) and she will comply.

To test it:
Alexa, goodbye
goodbye (nothing happened)

Alexa, tell smartthings goodbye (ST routine associated with askAlexa)
I am executing the goodbye routine

  • Just tested and she turned off all lights and set the temp. When I moved, the lights activated due to motion sensor and got a notification.

Alexa, tell smarthings goodbye (after removing from askAlexa)
I didn’t understand what you want me to do.