Alexa only device access from ST

(Hemanshu Patel) #1

Is there a way we can access Alexa discovered device from ST via Alexa?

Alexa has skills for way more cloud enabled smart devices which does not directly integrates with ST. We can then turn on and off those devices from alexa, but can we do same from ST?

For Example creating a virtual switch per device in Alexa( from those skills ) and somehow when we turn on/off these virtual switch in ST, same synced switch in Alexa get operated?

Can we do this? Using say CORE or Echosistant or anything else?

(Robin) #2

Short of putting a speaker next to your echo and using ST to send test to speak commands to that speaker, I can think of no other way to control Alexa connected devices from ST… and this would be a one way street with no state feedback coming the other way.

What cloud device(s) do you have connected to Alexa that won’t connect to ST?

(Hemanshu Patel) #3

Lol, yeah shouting via Lannouncer/talker would work :slight_smile:

Alexa supports quite a few skills for Smart home devices, I was talking about eWelink in particular. It’s pretty cheap and Alexa can operate it on/off, but there’s no direct integration from ST to eWelink cloud that I could found.

(Robin) #4

Yeah, not heard of that one :frowning:

(Jimmy) #5

not via alexa, but you may be able to via IFTTT or Stringify

(Hemanshu Patel) #6

Do ewelink has IFTTT support? I couldn’t find any doc/url for it. Can you please point me towards it?
Stingify doesn’t have ewelink either.

(Jimmy) #7

I have no idea