Alexa Skill Testing Tool

This is great, add alexa to your desktop browser for one click access. I don’t need to pull out my phone if I’m at work anymore!


this is awesome… Now you can have Alexa with you where ever you are. Useful when on the other side of the world.

Yes I am very pleased, my wife was not when I ran downstairs with my laptop and thew it in front of her and said “LOOK AT THIS DEAR!!!”


I’ve tested it with my normal Alexa stuff, triggers things with SmarThings no problem but my few tries with Ask Alexa have failed so far.

Edit: Ask Alexa works fine, my mic was set real low and didn’t hear me well.


interesting, can this be added as a tile in smarttiles?

That would be great if this could be incorporated into SmartTiles!

Hum, this has stopped working for me, normal queries work but nothing skill specific, anyone else have this issue? Maybe Amazon wised up…

Yeah, I used this with very mixed results. Was excited at first, but then Alexa is a lot more confused by my commands than any other app I used that taps into Echo. I meant to try out the new Android app that works with Alexa, but didn’t get a chance yet. Speaking of which. I am going to do it now…

If you are on Android, you’ve got to try the Android Listens! It is awesome.


OMG this is awesome! I’ve never really used Google Now, Siri, etc but in a few rare cases. This, I will use a lot!

I know, same here, the always listening feature is a little buggy, but it’s alexa commands work better than anything I tried so far.

By default it was set to sensitivity of s% whatever that’s supposed to mean, set to Normal and it’s working better.

oh yeah, s% i think it’s turned off, but you’ll see what I am talking about. Sometimes fires on its own and sometimes doesn’t respong to the wake call. Overall I think is super awesome

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Does anyone know how to deauthorize echosim from my Alexa account?

No, good question. I see no way from mobile app, have you tried the desktop app?

Just checked desktop app, nothing, go into amazon account, device management I bet, checking that now.

Edit, YUP, manage content and devices when you hover over your account name on amazon’s home page. Same place you remove/modify kindle’s and fire’s.


Thanks for the heads up… question for Alexa Listens users (since I haven’t downloaded this yet…): Does this run in the background? For example, I have a Nexus 7 for SmartTiles - can I basically have this running in the background and SmartTimes in the front?

Also, does it stay on always listen mode?


Device needs to be awake, not just on. At least on my SG5, but I’m thinking of putting it on my tablets which are always on, but I have Echo and Dot’s in those rooms already, so many options… :slight_smile: