Alexa notification support coming

(Kevin) #1


When available, users will be able to opt-in to notifications per skill using the Amazon Alexa App and will be alerted when there’s new information to retrieve by a chime and a pulsing green light on their Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show device.

This is good in general, but I’m not happy that the notification is exactly the same as the one for personal messages. They should change the color of the light.

(Dan P Parker) #3

I’m also a little disappointed that it’s still going to require retrieval. That’s fine for messages, but for event notifications I’d prefer that they just be played when received.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #4

I agree… While this is good, users of EchoSistant already have this feature…

I don’t like it that we still can’t wake Alexa remotely.


I’d like it to be an optional setting per skill. So some would play automatically and some would wait to be retrieved depending on the user’s preference. :sunglasses:

(Dan P Parker) #6

Even better.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #7

That would be nice and ultimately ideal.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #8

The big problem is, who has what messages? How do you know they are for you? Before you listen to them.

With each member of my family having a profile in EchoSistant, they just ask…

Alexa, ask Jason what messages do I have?

(Kevin) #9

Getting closer…


This new Alexa skill let’s you push notifications to your Echo with whatever message you want: Notify Me

They are normal notifications (a “bing” sound followed by an illuminated light ring) so Alexa doesn’t speak your message without “what are my notifications” prompting. But, still quite useful for home automation, I think.

Details can be found at

I’d love to see if anyone here gets it working with SmartThings. It at least works via IFTTT’s Webhooks service.

Amazon opens up 3rd party skills to notifcations
(Micheal ) #11

I may try to get this working with Ask Alexa.


I would be extremely interested to know if you get Notify Me working with Ask Alexa.

(Micheal ) #13

The fact that this third party got permission to do notification may mean that native notification within Ask Alexa may be available soon. I am looking into it.


I used the WebCore “make a web request” task directly from SmartThings to the notifymyecho API and it appeared to work fine:

URL (value):!&accessCode=ACCESS_CODE

Method (value): GET

Content Type (value): FORM


Excellent, thanks.

(Micheal ) #16

I actually got this working with Ask Alexa:

Not as impressive as I had hoped.

First, and this is just me…the branding…It will always say “From the NotifyMe”. While I can put Ask Alexa (or the app sending the data) into the title, I will always have to live with their branding.

Second, and this may be another ‘that is just the way it is’…it is simply a tone…You have to ask Alexa for the notifications. Better than nothing, but was hoping some day we could do the talk on demand thing.

Not sure if anyone is interested in this, but I will continue to refine it and release it in a future version, but as was stated above, WebCoRE can do this as well, and the limitations above will still be there. It will be nice when Ask Alexa has a bit more control over the notifications.

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #17

If using webCoRE (or @MichaelS), couldn’t you just parse the response data, grab the relevant notification text, and then call a send to speaker via TTS action?

(Micheal ) #18

One of the functions of Ask Alexa is to be an aggregation for other partner apps within SmartThings (like Big Talker, Lock Manager, etc). So those apps ONLY have to write to Ask Alexa and then you can decide based on your Message Queue setup, WHERE the messages go. On the screenshot above you can have the option to send to Sonos Speakers (under Message Notification-Audio). You can also turn on lights when there are messages (Ask Alexa acts as a message mailbox) in the message queue. There are also options to push or SMS the messages it receives.

So, yes…it already does that…I just wanted real time notifications (speaking) from Alexa…may have to wait :frowning:


Yeah, for now, all official Alexa notifications (A) Immediately emit a notification sound & message light but don’t don’t speak until prompted (the “answering machine” model of “notifications”); and (B) Announce the name of the source skill prior to delivering the message (so skill developer’s can’t pretend their messages are coming from some other source “Hello, this is the IRS. Please send us your unpaid balance in prepaid gift cards…”).