Alexa + Hue bulb without bridge + Smartthings v3

Hi guys,

I’ve read few threads but didn’t seems to find nothing that looks like my setting.

Basically I have 2 hue bulbs controlled via an alexa echo plus v1, now I have just received today my new smartthings v3 and was hoping to control this 2 bulbs from the smart things app, which I’ve realised I can’t because the hue bridge is missing :unamused:

Can I control the hue bulbs on the smartthings app using Alexa as a bridge ? I have added alexa as a connected services, but I can’t see anything there is connected to Alexa on the smart things app.

I wanted to use the smartthings app because of the nice smart app available that would create fade in dimming and those sort of features that are not available with alexa, also to play with the new toy I guess :grimacing:

Any ideas ?

The Hue bulbs need to join your ST hub directly (no Hue bridge needed) to be able to control them in ST, and then ultimately in Alexa.

The only recommended integration with smartthings is by using a Hue bridge. You can mess up your zigbee network otherwise. And the hue bulb can only belong to one zigbee coordinator at a time.

See the community FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)

If you buy a hue bridge you would be able to use the bulb with both smartthings and Alexa at the same time. But without one, you pretty much have to choose between one or the other, and as already mentioned, it’s just not recommended to use the bulb with smartthings without the bridge even though it’s technically possible.


Thanks for the reply @johnconstantelo.
The problem is the hue bulbs are connected to the Alexa and it seems are to factory reset them!

I’ve tried to turno on/off the switch few times yesterday but didn’t work, and without hue bridge or hue remote seems to be complicated to do so. Any ideas on how to reset them ?

If I manage to reset them shall I see them directly from ST?

@JDRoberts I’ve read the thread you mentioned, and understood the downside of connecting directly to hue bulbs.
In my case i don’t have any other device to control yet in my flat, is only a matter of testing and try few things with the hue bulbs on the ST.
Can you help with the reset of Hue bulbs ?


Yup, once you get them reset :wink:

First, you need to write down the serial number for each bulb, which can be found on the bulb itself. Then in the Alexa app, go to add device, light, Philips hue, then click the ? mark in the top right corner. At the bottom, click where it says “my Philips hue light still won’t connect” (it doesn’t look clickable, but it is). You’ll then enter the serial number and Alexa will factory reset the bulb.

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Thanks a lot for your help mate.

So I’ve managed to reset the bulb via alexa now, it flashed once.
I have then opened the ST app and pressed +add device, hue lights, with smartthings hub, and is asking me to press the button on the hue bridge once, which I don’t have and it’s where I get stuck all the time basically.

Is there a way to avoid this and let the hue bulbs be visible directly to the ST hub ?

Have you tried doing a generic scan to add a device? The bulb may need to be on and pretty close to your hub for it to be discovered.

I’d really recommend getting the Hue Bridge if your budget allows it. Then you can also control them via the Hue app - which you can use locally even if your internet goes down (unlike the Smartthings app or the Alexa). Then you can also control them via ST app and Alexa Echo etc. You’re covered all ways.


For the record, I second this.

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Amazon support can help you with this. Open the Alexa app, choose Help on the side menu, and there will be options to get in touch with them. :sunglasses:

Yeah I’ve tried but no luck!

@Inge_Jones I agree with you on this, but I’ve just bought the ST hub and I’m planning to buy few gadgets ST compatible, I only have two hue bulbs and wouldn’t really want to buy en extra hub just for this 2.

Hence why I would like to try connect it with the ST.

Does anyone knows how to factory reset a hue bulb and leave it in pairing mode ??

May want to read over this old thread.

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