Alexa Harmony Hub and JVC LT-55ue76 HELP PLEASE

I have a non -profit that gives dream rooms to kids in life threatening or life altering conditions. The young man we are currently helping is paralyzed and needs the Alexa voice control to operate the TV. We could get them paired but when I asked Alexa to turn the TV on the volume went to the loudest setting and the screen went white, then scrolled through different solid screen colors. Turning the TV on and off did not fix this, I needed to turn it off with Alexa to get regular channels again. This is a vital part of his room so if anyone can help…that would be awesome!

The first step for anything involving the harmony is to get a harmony activity set up to do exactly what you want. Once that is working, it’s easy to add Alexa control.

Set to begin with, you need to look at the harmony activity and see exactly what it is requesting and how the TV is responding.

If you can show screenshots of the harmony activity from the harmony app, that would be helpful. :sunglasses:

I had to disconnect the Harmony so we could use the television, and I thought I’d try to do some reseach to see if I could figure it out. We had a tv installer work on it and he did set up activities and I checked the app and it said the TV was supported. The same thing happened when we turned it on and off with the app

When you turned it on and off with the harmony app?

If that has a problem, you need to talk to Logitech Harmony support and get it straightened out before you can layer in Alexa control.

( I myself am Quadriparetic, use a wheelchair with limited hand function. I rely on echo for voice control of my entertainment devices and it works great. But you have to get the activity working first.)

Yes…the same thing happened when we used the app…the TV then locked up until we reversed the command with the app. My name is Robin and Tory is the young man we are giving the room to who needs the voice control. You just made me cry knowing it will work…he has no hand function and I so wanted to give this to him! I will contact harmony asap…that was actually why I pulled it out before I left. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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If you can get the harmony to work with the TV, adding voice control is pretty easy. Here’s my project report:

Before we had the harmony my housemate used to set the TV to whatever channel I wanted to watch that day and we just left it on all day. Now I can change the channels or switch between Roku and the TV by myself with voice using Echo. My TV is about 10 years old, but works fine. But again step one is to get an activity working. :sunglasses:

I can’t tell you how much that helps…Tory often wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t do anything because everyone else is sleeping. His family have grown weary of changing the channel for him…it broke my heart to hear him say that. We have been at his room for 14 hours today and I’m brain dead right now. I will contact Harmony tomorrow and I’d love to let you know it turns out…you have given me so much hope! I’m posting pictures of the project shortly!

Thank you again!
Robin Eikill