Alexa flash light when timer hits zero?

I am trying to get my Echo to flash a light (which is plugged into a Z-wave outlet) when the Alexa timer hits zero. I see IFTTT recipes to flash a HUE light (or a non-specific light)…but not seeing a recipe that does the same think with a smart outlet. I think the issue is that my outlet doesn’t show up as a light.

Any recommendations on how to do this?

Use IFTTT to turn on a virtual switch. Set up a CoRE piston that says when the virtual switch turns on, toggle your light, wait X seconds, toggle it again, then turn off the virtual switch.

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The IFTTT recipe for Hue is taking advantage of a hue feature that blinks the light. So that’s not available for your outlet.

What you can do is create a virtual switch, have the IFTTT recipe turn on that virtual switch, and have that virtual switch coming on in SmartThings run a smart app that will turn your outlet on and off.

My suggestion for the smartapp to do this would be core. This is a very sophisticated community created rules engine. It may seem complicated to begin with, but there are lots of community members who can help you get it set up and get your rule ( called a “piston” in core) set up.

So it’s going to take a little work to get it set up, but you can definitely do it. :sunglasses:

Talk to the folks in the following thread, and they can get you started:

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