Alexa Echo/Dot/Show as audio target via SmartThings?

I saw a few related threads from way back but looking to get an update on this. Essentially want to be able to use my Alexa devices as an audio target triggered from SmartThings similar to what we can do with Sonos today. My primary use case is morning wake-up alarms and nighttime white noise.

Audio can be pushed directly to an Alexa device from the Spotify app for example so I believe this is in the realm of possibilities.



There is still no way to “push” something to Echo devices, they depend on you initiating a verbal request.

A lot of people are interested in being able to use their Echo’s as text to speech devices or push a commend to start playing but this is not posible today

They recently announced the ability to push notifications (like the ones you gat for shipments) but this is still just limited to alerting users they have a notification