Alexa App Update - October 4, 2018


A pretty slick update to the Alexa app today. Smart Home stuff is arranged much better now. Much easier to set things up.

I like it.

(Jimmy) #2

Nice! looks pretty slick.


The article says bluetooth speakers can be added to multi-room audio groups now.

(Jimmy) #4

yeah, i don’t get that. Don’t bluetooth speakers have to be connected to an echo device? And couldn’t said echo device be included in multi-room before?


Yes, but previously when you started multi-room audio all bluetooth connections ceased to function, including using an Echo remote.

(Jimmy) #6

ah, intresting. So it would play from the echo device’s speaker instead of the Bluetooth speaker?


That or a speaker connected via an auxiliary cord.


Amazon is still playing catch up, but they’re adding features at a very fast pace. I could see the Alexa app having a complex rules engine in the near future, maybe over the next year or so…