Alexa Access Token is invalid

Is anybody else getting an Access Token is invalid in live logging for the Alexa App?

did discovery and had no issue.

something new though: 11:23:23 AM: warn Device type ‘fan’ unknown. Mapping to ‘OTHER’ instead.

Can’t think of a device type that refers to fan, that I have actually installed

what are you doing at the time of your log?

EDIT: now I got 4 lines:
11:54:43 AM: warn psrEventHandler: Amazon access token is invalid. Cannot emit event 84ffxxx (temperature: 62.0)

Had this problem. Go into the Alexa App not the Alexa ST app and disable the SmartThings skill. Then enable the skill and ST with ask to authorize it. Then once that is done it will work.


Yes, I have a ton of them. One is generated every time I give Alexa a command even though the command works fine.

I posated the fix above. Michael from Ask Alexa showed me the fix.

Thanks, that did the trick.

Glad it worked. The way it was it would cause a lot of Alexa problems.

@joelw135 Will I lose all my groups? Just need to know so I can write everything down to rebuild if necessary

I didn’t loose anything, but I did say discover my devices. If you don’t want to play, write it down.

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Thanks for the help

No problem, that is what we are all here for.