Alerts / triggers based on mold risk

I have an enclosed area that I am monitoring the temperature and humidity using a Aqara sensor, and I am constantly referring to this dew point calculator to check for risk of mold. I would love to see an app that could alert me and trigger things when the temperature and humidity are in a range that can cause mold.

You could use Webcore, and build the calculations into it. I did this with weather. During the winter my ecobee thermostat chooses, via Webcore, the correct comfort setting based on the following parameters:

  • inside temperature
  • outside temperature
  • wind speed
  • wind direction

Each has an effect on the temps in the upper floor of my home. Cold winds from the north make the upstairs colder than those from the south, because the north side is the sloped roof while the south is dormered so it ‘catches’ more of that cold wind. So all those things are factored in.

Two days ago it was 65 degrees here. The system chose the ‘normal’ winter comfort setting, which never goes above 70. But two days earlier than that it was five degrees with a stiff north wind. To get the upper floor to the same comfort level, the system chose a comfort setting where the minimum temperature is 73.

So back to your issue: the website you link might supply its calculations… and if not, then undoubtedly those exist out there somewhere. Build it into Webcore, and let Webcore handle the alerts and triggers.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into that. I have only had my SmartThings hub for a week or two now and am just getting into it, so I haven’t looked into Webcore at all yet - I’ll do some looking this morning.

If I am doing this myself in Webcore I am not too concerned about the calculations, if I can’t find them easily. There really is only going to be a temperature range of maybe ten degrees at the most, so I can even just set up rules manually for each degree (if temperature is 19 and humidity is 70%+, if temperature is 20 and humidity is 68%+, etc). I thought that I would be able to do this just using the Smart Home Monitor - Custom app, but it looks like I can only alert based on one thing at a time, temperature or humidity, so that’s not useful.

Welcome! :sunglasses: You might find this of interest ( The topic title is a clickable link)

Thanks for the response. I’ll give that a quick read over but I’ve been messing around in webcore for the last 45 minutes and think I have this sorted out!

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This is a great idea and I also need such an app. Thank you for your suggestion. I can’t allow mold to reappear and I’m glad that I can solve this problem with new technologies. In fact, I already had an unpleasant experience when we had mold in the garage. This is where my workshop is and I’m there every day. I know that this is very harmful to health, so I called a local mold removal company to get rid of the mold. This story ended well for me, but now I have to be more careful and monitor the correct humidity and temperature in the house and garage.