Alarmdecoder AD2USB and Smartthings... questions/issues?

Hey all,

So first I setup Alarmdecoder on my RasPi that has an AD2USB hooked up to it, and now I’ve just installed the Alarmdecoder-Smartthings integration ( to get it hooked up to my ST hub. It looks pretty neat but I’m still trying to figure out the nuances of how to use it in the ST app… some oddities so far that I’ve noticed…:

  1. After adding the device via the ST API and having it show up under my “Things” the “AlarmDecoder” first shows up in a “DISARMED” state but then shortly thereafter shows up in a “FIRE!” state - what’s strange about this is that I don’t have a smoke detector/alarm hooked up to the system… at least, as far as I’m aware! So why would this be tripping?

  2. I setup the ZoneTracker sensors mapping each zone one-for-one (e.g. ZoneTracker Sensor #1 is mapped to zone 001 which is my front door, etc). I noticed that currently, all the ZoneTracker statuses show as “OPEN” despite those doors/zoned being closed. And when I open the front door, for example, the status of ZoneTracker #1 then changes to “CLOSED” - is that expected behavior?

Maybe I’m just not understanding the way things are supposed to work here, but if anyone else has tried integrated this and had success, please chime in! I haven’t yet played with arming/disarming, etc - it’s a bit early for that and my wife and the kid are still asleep :slight_smile: