AD2Pi Network Appliance connected now what?

Finally hooked up my AD2Pi Network Appliance to my Safewatch Pro 3000. Everything works, I can instantly arm/disarm from the app there is a little delay going the other way.

I don’t understand what to do with the sensors. The instructions stated “20. Zone sensors may be configured to open and close themselves when a zone is faulted. For example, specifying zone 7 for Zonetracker Sensor #1 would trip that sensor whenever zone 7 is faulted”

Another thing is that I can’t seem to get a notification setup for every arm/disarm or alarm.

went trough this thread AlarmDecoder AD2Pi Network Appliance
and followed the steps in post from radone but everything still shows open and red. Still not sure what to do with the sensors

Open means actually closed. Please go through that thread again someone has details there where you would need to flip the string open to close in the code and vice versa. The details discussion is also there in alarmdecoder website forum.

The red circle that I too have, never could figure our how they change. For me they always remain red.

I have a notification set up from smarthings notification custom menus whenever there is breach.

thanks ill review it