Alarm notification with flashing all lights in house?

How to add notification with flashing all lights in house not just siren?
So for example in case of CO alarm those with hearing loss could also benefit from having smarthings installed

This is doable, but it depends on the details.

What’s the brand and model of the lights? The available features do vary somewhat.

Also, do you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub, and if so, which model?

Once we know those answers we can talk about the process.

One more note: it can be quite disorienting to have “all the lights” flashing. Most safety organizations recommend having just one per room, preferably a table lamp or led strip, do the signal alert. And just as sound alarms use different patterns for different emergencies (smoke vs CO for example), if you use a color changing smart bulb for the alert signal and the people in your house are not colorblind you can use different colors for different information, such as red for smoke and blue for carbon monoxide. Just a thought.

I have V2 hub and old wemo bulbs in every room, no color bulbs
Just one bulb per room can go unoticed, especially from distance, when someone is already
unconscious on the floor.
I think recommendations are wrong, it should be industrial standard to flash all bulbs in building with certain pattern just like they already made specific sound as standard for smoke detectors.

And not even for CO but also different patterns for water leaks perhaps other accidents and it should be built-in action we could use in routines.
Please share how it can be doable

See this post…
I have implemented a routine which flashes a bulb for 30 seconds.

Basically if a motion sensor detects motion it opens a virtual contact sensor which auto loses after 30 seconds

A separate routine then flashes a bulb every 2 seconds and stops when the virtual contact sensor is open.

I suppose it could be adapted to flash multiple lights.

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