and Smart Things

I’ve also tried removing the app and adding it back the routines still will not do anything with my alarm

The alarm options are displayed as switches, so you have to add then on the routine (on or off)

I can see that, but the routines aren’t working. What am I missing? Do they have to be renamed?

I’ve got it figured out now. I didn’t realize you have to go into the routine and tell that switch to go on or off. What is the your delay time when disabling or enabling your alarm?

Glad that you found! 1 minute

any chance yours setup with the location properly working? i have it set to turn off when i go home, but it failed last night. I armed and then it disarmed since my device was at the location. The problem there is that my phone never left.

Yes you can do that, just need to work on the details. I will get some screenshots at night and send you. If you want just write here exactly what you want to do and I can help. Thanks

Hey @lbreggi @DanonBrown,

Very interesting, besides arming and disarming, can you see/track open/close of doors and windows and notification if it stays open?

you can do that if you have the sensors in Smartthings. For my setup, I can see those things on app / web site. what type of sensors do you have?

I have sensors that I am able to see with the app as well, I have for example this one “2GIG Thin Door/Window Contact (2GIG-DW10-345)”. I also have myQ garage that I am able to open/close the garage through the app.

So this connection only allows you to arm and disarm? sorry for the stupid questions, I am about to get this and want to make sure I can make what I currently have work with ST.

The ST servers had intermittent problems last night that they just resolved. That could be your issue. I have integrated the switches in Core and they are working great for me.

New to this so please excuse the rookie question.

I have this added to the Smartthings app, but can’t figure out the voice invocations for Alexa. Using the Alexa Skill, it’s simply “alarm dot com”. Thanks

I installed a “virtual switch” - one each for “Stay” and “Away”

With Alexa - you need to connect your Amazon Alexa account to Smartthings
(through the “Smarthome” Skills settings in Alexa)

Then, you can invoke the virtual switch with “Alexa, Turn On Stay” or
"Alexa, Turn on Away"

I hope this makes sense as I realize you are a rookie - hang in there - you
will get it!

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Looks like I had everything setup correctly, I just wasn’t saying the correct phrase :slight_smile:

I kept the default name “arm stay” as the name of my thing. I would say, “Alexa, arm stay on” and it wouldn’t work. When I say “turn arm stay on” it would work. Thanks for the tip.

The “silent arming” feature is set to on in the settings, but my alarm still beeps every few seconds while it arms. What am I doing wrong?

Sorry - can’t help with that one - try something simple that sometimes
works - turn the “silent arming” switch off and back on again!

The silent arming feature isn’t working for me either. Tried toggling the option under the switch settings.

Ok thanks. Glad to know it’s not user error this time :slight_smile:

I would love to help on the silent issue, but I am unable to replicate the issue. So I am just added a bunch of new logging. Please update device type AND smartapp with this new app and send me log lines (from live loggin in your IDE) that contain: “got command”. If I get enough of these, I may be able to figure out what is going on without actually replicating the issue on my end.

Thanks and will do. Hopefully others with the same issue will do the same.

Has anyone been able to get this app working with Google Home through Smartthings? I have the app selected in Google Home but I don’t know what voice commands to do in order to make the Google Home set the alarm to Stay or Away.