Airbnk M510 Zigbee Door lock (by Tuya)

Hello all!

I recently bought an Airbnk M510 smart lock running on Zigbee protocol.
I like its minimal design and that I could just replace the deadbolt butterfly knob with the smart lock and that’s that. Also, it’s the cheapest I could find.

I can connect it to smartthings but it’s recognised as a thing. I tried several device handlers that Smartthings had to offer and added some device handlers I found searching around. So far I haven’t gotten things to work.
I can only use it with the Airbnk app via bluetooth.

Has anyone figured this thing out?

Airbnk M510 Zigbee Door lock
Product link: Airbnk M510 TUYA Smart Lock Fingerprint Smart Door Lock Deadbolt US Locks Smart Home Remote Control Wifi Wireless Lock Network|Electric Lock| - AliExpress

Did you had any luck with Smartthings integration?
What zigbee fingerprints does it have in IDE?



I have it hooked up to a ZigBee gateway with smartlife app at the moment and it works to a certain degree. Haven’t tried smartthings since I created this post.

I’ll try again in the coming days just for fun and get you the fingerprints if these help to figure this device out further.

Anything else I could experiment while fiddling the device with smartthings?


Just find out fingerprints :wink:
Then i’ll search and bother someone :grin:.

Did you manage to include this lock with official tuya integration tuya to smartthings. Does it show up?


Did you had some fun connecting it to smartthings hub and retrieved fingerprints? :grin:


Raw data: 01 0104 0051 01 05 0000 000A 0004 0005 EF00 01 0019

Is this what you are looking for?

Hi. Yes.
Please copy and paste also:


Then we’ll ask other members of forum for help :wink:


Can you check this zigbee door lock ?
I see it has same clusters as one device in your edge driver.

Would this work?
Maybe Mitokafander could try edge driver…?
I cant as i dont have the lock. But its in my shopping cart :wink:

Under data I have this:

application: 58
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: _TYST12_54rrtbbg
model: TY0A01

Have you tried the ST DTH called “ZigBee Lock Without Codes”?

Also, the door lock zigbee cluster is missing. It should include “0101” in the fingerprint, which is likely going to be a show stopper for you. Knowing this is a Tuya device, and they use a manufacturer specific Zigbee cluster, "EF00 ", you’re more than likely going to need a custom DTH or Edge driver put together, if there isn’t one already.

While Tuya and others love to advertise “zigbee” on their devices, some will work out of the box; but most will require something custom to gain full functionality, or even all functionality, since they’re using a manufacturer specific zigbee cluster (which is completely OK for them to do).

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I have tried:
ZigBee lock
ZigBee lock without codes
Universal enhanced ZigBee lock

Device is constantly in “checking” mode.

I’m willing to try any and all device handlers if someone suggested any.

I thought that may be the case because your device is missing the zigbee lock cluster ID I mentioned above, so that will definitely keep you from being able to use the DTH’s you’ve already tried. The lock commands are likely all done through Tuya’s specific zigbee cluster.

There are a few discussions in the community working on Edge drivers, so maybe one of the developers there can help put one together for you. Here’s one of them, but it doesn’t look like he’s addressing locks yet:

Other discussions as well:

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Until Tuesday I can’t do anything, but I have no idea about locks.
If It use the EF00 cluster it is difficult for it to work with the stock driver



I have now added the lock back to a tuya hub and I have Smartthings import any devices from the Smartlife app. Altho it did transfer several lights and some outlets, it doesn’t transfer the lock. The same goes for a ZigBee smoke detector.

Found another smart zigbee doorlock / deadbolt

Anyone tried ? Any luck?


I manage to get some information regarding communication protocol from Zemismart that also sells ZigBee locks that works with Tuya cloud. You are welcome to review. Please note that the translation from Chinese to English was done by me with Google Translate, which is not prefect.

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:confused: nyone any luck integrating into Smartthings? :confused:

I think I found a step closer to get this thing to work.

See this:

This thread has an edge driver that deals with EF00 cluster devices like this AirBnk door lock and I got an EF00 smoke detector working with smartthings using this method. So there’s a chance this might work for this door lock also.

After connecting the door lock to smartthings I get this with the above mentioned edge driver:

Unfortunately there are no datapoints shown for the door lock so I’m stuck trying to figure out what to do next.

The protocol described in this post:

… hints and talks about different datapoints that might be useful if trying to decipher this lock. I’ll try my best to fiddle with this driver and post my findings but I’m not sure if my brain is up to the task so any help is appreciated.