Air conditioner compatibility

Good morning
many of us regret that the SMART AIR CONDITIONER application has not kept pace with updates for SAMSUNG air conditioners with integrated WIFI module (I have 6 at home) reference AR09HSFSBWKNET. It has been several years now that we can no longer have remote control. However, the site still exists and our equipment is still visible there since we registered them there.
I read the news and look for a way to allow me to recommunicate remotely with. MATTER , the hub, or whatever allows it?
Do you have a viable solution that allows us to find this possibility?
Thank you so much for your help.

In most cases you won’t add matter support to existing old devices (save a few select Zigbee or Wifi Devices where Matter Support was added in the firmware (Eve is one of the rare manufacturers doing this because it allows them to expand their market to non Apple folk, Aquara plans on supporting matter for old devices by making the Aquara hub a Matter bridge.) Sorry - I wouldn’t expect Matter to be much help to you on this.

do i understand it right? Samsung stopped to support a mobile application, and now it’s not possible to control your WiFi-enabled air conditioners.

That sounds so bad, how many years has it worked with the Samsung cloud?

I bought all 6 in 2014. But every year WE encountered issues to synchronise app with their server.
I am so disappointed that non compatibility existe with smarthings app