After Receive hub V2, I decide to say good bye to smartthings

I wouldn’t put too much of the blame on ST.
If a migration were as easy as you want it to be, then your neighbor could just buy a hub and start controlling all your things without your authorization.

To prevent this, protocols like z-wave and zigbee bind to your hub so they only take commands from that hub and not others. The only way a device knows its okay to take orders from a new hub is if it’s unbound from it’s current hub and re-bound to the new one.

So don’t blame ST, blame z-wave and zigbee. ST is forced into doing it this way because of how the protocols are designed. But, even then, it’s not clear to me how one could design a secure protocol without the bind/unbind mechanic.


I am thinking of moving to HomeHAB. I do not want to move to V2 based on how much work it takes to migrate. Has anyone used it?

I wouldn’t be so quick. Z-Wave protocol has a “controller shift” function to transfer network ownership from one primary controller to another. SmartThings chose not to implement it. Who’s fault is that?


Cgrotal is 100% correct for this part of the migration. The entire back-end, cloud database manipulation could have been automated. I’ve written details elsewhere, glad someone has the same observation.


I agree about security reason. but ST can let user save all the logic and setup for the hub. let user just delete devices and add devices, and all the apps come back to the new hub. All the device have mac address, how hard that could be?

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Sure could…

I received a couple of emails that advised not to migrate until the migration tool is ready in couple of months unless necessary.

I went ahead and did it anyway and looked at it as an awesome way to start over and clean up all the apps and things that had become entangled. All in all it wasn’t that bad and had no issues at all.


I just receive email from ST Support. Looks like there will be some tool available for migration by the end of the year.
That’s good, at least I only need go through this painful progress only once.

IMHO, I wouldn’t hold my breath on a seamless V2 migration with their “Magical V2 Migration Tool” until I see it…

I’m imagining the “Migration Tool” either failing half way with “Unexpected Error Encountered” (a popular message they display in their mobile UI) or it will delete all your SmartApps, Devices, etc when they don’t have to leaving you with adding all this back in manually.

Please prove me wrong ST!


I liked rebuilding my setup. It’s way better now. I’m not recommending that for everyone. If you want magic, go see a magic show. SmartThings wins for me, but it doesn’t have to be for everyone. I think many of the complainers will be back when they look at the alternatives. We should welcome them, home automation is (IMO) in it’s teenage years. It was a baby when I first started with X10, and now it’s awkward but able to fend for itself most of the time. I am still impressed by how easy it is to setup this system compared to just a few years ago. Those who haven’t been through that, will complain the loudest. That’s actually good because it will drive us all to make it more simple. Keep complaining. :smile:


I agree, I worked out alot of kinks by going through the migration. Realized some things a needed to change. Modified the placement on some of the devices etc. It only took me about an hour. Well an hour and a half due to the fact i started it when ST was having issues with the update push to the hubs. Im still tweaking things and have some devices to add but like bridaus said, compared to the competition, i would say STs is way ahead of them. HA is still young, but as you can see there are more an more devices coming out. The next few years HA is going blow up in popularity. Another thing to consider, is the level of support available from ST’s. Excellent customer support is hard to come by these days and STs definately gets an A+ in the support category.

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so we’re not classifying the omission of a migration tool as a customer service failure? still goes as “excellent” support? I may be more negative than most, but I don’t see how those two can co-exist.

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Not sure what we get by calling it a failure. If they promised it by a date, then they failed to meet a date. If they didn’t promise it, but we expected it, then they failed to meet our expectations. Ok, where are we then? I don’t mean to disagree, sure I would love this tool, but I had a fine time redoing my system also. I think this is really about timing. You could always wait, no one is forcing anyone to upgrade. Anyone have an awesome Apple Homekit system working yet? Show me. In this case the hardware arrived before [edit: some of] the software. Sadly, that happens all the time in the world today. Should we accept it? When there are better choices, no. When there are not… yes. I put SmartThings support in top 10% of support I’ve dealt with. Want a reality check, call your cable company for fun. That’s the low bar.


No truer words have ever been spoken.


@cgrotal Didn’t you read before you ordered? It was very clear this a manual migration currently. I have about the same number of devices in my setup and I agree it is a pain but at least they were very clear.


I would like to say that its not a failure, but not a success either… they were very clear up-front about the struggles in migration that people would have… nobody lied about it there.

Your take on what you expect from Customer Service… is your take, but I for one would not call the migration process a customer service failure. It sucks, but they told us it would…

There are many other areas of the update to platform that are probably better to pick on… like missing or removed features from the platform or application…

Migration went exactly as they said it would… painfully…


Got the Hub 2 days ago from Amazon and after reading all these painful stories decided to send it back to amazon today. Why would any company discourage consumers from buying their product? Because they know they effed up the release. kind of like when Tim Cook came out and said go ahead and use google maps because apple maps sucks.

Email one:

Time: 2AM, 9/3
Recipients: Email addresses for all claimed Hubs
From: Alex Hawkinson (no-reply)

Subject: New SmartThings Mobile App

Today is a big day for SmartThings, and I’m thrilled to share the news that we’re launching our next generation product line, including updates to our SmartThings app and new hardware.

The new SmartThings app has a new, intuitive design and lots of great new features, including enhanced rooms and device views, and a rich new solution called Smart Home Monitor.

In most cases, you’ll automatically receive the new SmartThings app upgrade sometime after 12pm PT, and Smart Home Monitor will be available for setup in your dashboard shortly thereafter. Your existing setup will continue to work as expected. There are some changes in the navigation, but it should be pretty straightforward. If have any confusion, this support article will help you find what you’re looking for, and of course we’re always available at

We’re also launching a full family of new devices today, including the next generation of our Hub and sensors. Features of the new Hub include video support in beta, battery backup and local processing so many functions will continue to work even if the Hub is offline.

If you’re making the change to a Hub version 2, please note that we’ve updated our Terms of Service to reflect support for video/audio streaming. We also have explicit instructions available on how to migrate and we’ve set up a dedicated support queue at to assist you. Our goal is to have an automated device migration tool available by the end of the year if you would prefer to wait. And of course upgrading your Hub is not required to continue to benefit from SmartThings.

My heartfelt thanks for being a SmartThings customer and supporter. We hope you’ll enjoy the new SmartThings experience.

Thank You,

Email 2: Customers with 50 or more connected devcies

From: Ryan Hanna (no-reply)
Subject: SmartThings VIP Support
Hello from SmartThings Support.

This is Ryan Hanna, manager of the SmartThings Support Team. If you’re getting this email, it’s because you have a particularly extensive SmartThings setup in your home. Lots of devices, lots of SmartApps, and hopefully lots of value.

And if you’ve reached out to the support team over the past few years, I hope you’ve directly experienced how passionate and dedicated we are to helping you turn your home into a smart home. Now is no different.

As Alex noted in his earlier email, your current setup will continue to work as expected with the new SmartThings app. You’ll immediately benefit from the new user experience and the power of new features. Please read about the changes and if you have any questions, this article may help or we are available at

If you’re planning to move to the Hub version 2, we recognize that the lack of a device migration tool can be especially frustrating given the scope of your setup. The team is working towards a solution by end of year, but if you want to get started sooner, we are here to help.

If you email, I’ve instructed the team to recognize you as a VIP and make sure you receive the fastest response possible. Our support team will be available to help clean up SmartApps, guide you through device removal and re-pairing, delete locations, and provide recommendations on new and improved SmartApps that can make your home smarter than ever.

Thanks for your continued support of SmartThings.


UPDATE: Edited the audience of the 2nd email (50 or more connected device holders)


This decision was agonized over, but here is the long and short of it: If we would have delayed launch until we had a migration tool ready we would have 1) “penalized” new customers who don’t need to migrate by not letting them get SmartThings and 2) run out of V1 Hubs.


Both seem like legit reasons to me.