After groovy: how to do loop automations?

I’m in the advanced stage of migrating into edge driver from DTH + Webcore.
I have found some excellent drivers that helped me almost complete my transfer.
Now I’m looking to run a routine every X second/minute/hour/day.
In my case, I want to send a notification every minute when one of my windows at my home is open when the AC is turned on.
Unfortunately, now the routine runs only once.
I will love to hear some solutions from this great community :slight_smile:

check SharpTools Rules Engine


I uses SharpTools Rule Engine + Pushover, and set the notification priority to highest for the things like this, so it will keep “reminding” me until I “acknowledge” it in Pushover.
Pushover requires $5 per platform (Android/iOS) one time fee, and I really liked its priority and sound options that I can tell the importance of the notifications by hearing the notification sound when it occurs before I have a moment to look at it.


You can do “loop” with @TAustin virtual momentarily button, and automation. There was thread couple days ago about door being left open.

I have similar automations that are created for the same reason. When A/C is running and someone opens any window or door, I get notifications after 10 minutes. That give us plenty of time to get in and out on our deck or to vent kitchen. Also after 10 minutes it shuts a/c off. If all sensors are closed, A/c continues with previous program.
This automation is to shut down a/c after 10 minutes

This one is for cooling, and for heating is the same concept

You will notice I have one virtual switch only as contact sensor. I am updating this virtual switch from all other contact sensors. All my automations use this virtual switch as I don’t have to change anything to any other automations that use it. If i add another contact sensor, I add it to only one automation for this virtual switch.

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You could use virtual counter to activate routine after x amount of time.No need for third party like Sharptools. Using virtual counter keeps your automation also locally run. I use virtual coubter to turn of lights if no movement or vibration detected after x amount of time. When lights go off it resets the counter.

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