Aeotech multi sensor 6

I had posted this on the above topic bit no one answered. I am thinking of buying one but most of the reviews are horrible. I know there is a custom dth available but I am unsure if that solves the issues people mentioned about the sensor. Main reason for this purchase the humidity sensor included. Any feedback is appreciated.

You don’t need the custom DTH I have these all over my house. The only downside I have with them is the battery life. They do have the option to plug into an outlet.

I have two of them and they work really well in the new app without custom DTH. I turn on/off my front and patio lights based on motion and Illuminance and they proved to be extremely reliable.
Wish I could say the same about SmartThings new app automations :zipper_mouth_face:

I use a custom DTH as it allows me to be more granular with my reporting, however it does need to be plugged in for it to be more granular. I have had no issues with it, and as I have had it plugged I since day1 not experienced the battery issues that everyone else is complaining about.

I highly recommend them, works really well for me anyway

Everyone thank you very much. Im.gonna go ahead and order one. @jody.albritton hoping to get your help with an automation I setup that does.not want to work. I posted it in another topic & basically im.trying yo.turn on inside lights based on motion & door lock. I’m waiting to see if it works tonight.

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