Aeotec ZWA039 AerQ sensor reporting frequency?

I installed a new Aeotec sensor (temperature, humidity) in my garage, that I plan to use to trigger an existing exhaust fan when the temp gets too high. At this point I have only the sensor installed and note that it’s polling interval seems random (and mostly very long - several hours). I tried creating a simple routine that will notify if the temp is over 85% to see if that made a difference. It didn’t.

How can I cause it to poll on a regular basis?

Here’s the history:
5:29pm (on install)

I haven’t tried any Edge device handlers yet. Can you point me to where to find it?


What model is it?
If you can see the fingerprints in IDE

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Aeotec ‎ZWA039-A.

I am not sure what you mean by “fingerprints.”

Entering the IDE page, in device see the manufacturer, model and if the product información if is zwave

If your sensor is zwave I have not driver for it

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“fingerprint” is a term that smartthings uses for a code that a device will send to smartthings when it joins that indicates the device model and manufacturer.

It’s not exactly a fingerprint since it’s not unique to each individual physical device, it’s just unique to the model, but it’s what smartthings needs to know in order to select the correct DTH or edge driver in order to communicate successfully with it.

The device should broadcast this information at the time it joins a network established by a smartthings hub.

The Models supported by any individual DTH or Edge Driver are coded into that DTH/driver by the author.

To learn more about Edge, see the community FAQ.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.” :thinking:

Aeotec makes a number of different multi sensors, some Z wave, some Zigbee. So we do need to know the model number in order to know which edge driver would work for you.

Also note that many temperature sensors try to save battery by only reporting when there is a change in the temperature outside their “delta“ (acceptable range change), not on a specific time schedule. For example, if you were using it to control a thermostat, you might not care if the temperature only changed by 1°, so you might have it set to report only if there was a change of more than 2° in either direction. But that all varies by the specific model.

Some models will allow you to force a report every hour, or even more often, but be aware that if you do that you will probably use up the battery life much faster than letting it use the manufacturer specified protocol.


Just noticed you did give the model number, Aeotec ‎ZWA039-A. that is a Z wave device, so you won’t be able to use a DTH/edge driver designed for Zigbee.

The name of that device is “AerQ, Temperature and Humidity Sensor.” While it is certainly a multi sensor, Aeotec uses the name “multi sensor” for some other models, such as this one:

That model does have parameters that let you set the delta (the change at which it will report) as well as the interval (how often it checks the Delta.)

So you can pick a narrower or wider band of change on which to report and you can make it report more often by changing these parameters. just remember that the more often it reports, the faster you use up the battery.

Now you just have to find a DTH/edge driver that allows you to set parameters 1, 2, and 3 for this device.

There is also a parameter 4 which allows you to force a report even if the Delta hasn’t been exceeded, it’s your choice, but you will definitely use up battery faster if you turn that on.