Aeotec Z stick combined with smart things hub?

I’m new to all of this and trying to make my first decisions what to buy.

I will probably go for devices from Aeotec as I live in Israel and need 240V.
All other are only 120V

What I don’t understand is:
why do I need the Aeotec Z-Stick for ?

I plan to buy the Smart Things hub as I think it’s better to manage all my future z-wave devices - is it correct ?

In that case, that I will have smart things hub, do I need the Z-stick ? or it’s redundant ?

Thanks, Nadav

If you buy smartthings, you don’t need the Zstick. Smartthings would act as the Z wave controller and any other Aeotec devices you buy like sensors or relays would be controlled directly by smartthings.

A few people in the community do get an aeotec stick and add it as a “secondary controller“ so that they can use its mapping utilities, but that’s unusual and not something most people will need or want. :sunglasses:

I believe if you want to update the firmware on your Aeotech devices at some point you’re going to need the Zstick as the ST hub does not (at this time) permit over the air updating of them.

But as JD said, for just simple functionality, you do not need the Zstick if you have a ST hub.


Thank you all for the quick answer.

Additional one that I have
Why I can’t see many of the smart things hub V2 in amazon to buy ?
Where I can buy one that fits 240V ?

And another:
Does the Smart Connect Home has the same features and abilities as the smart things hub V2 ?

The hub will work on 240 volts… you might need to get an adaptor to plug it in.