Aeotec Smart Dimmer 6 keeps going back to 'ON' state by itself

To clearify:
The light and switch itself does NOT turn on even though the state says it’s ON. The physical LED around the switch is purple, stating that it IS physically off.

So, if I click the button ‘ON’ in the app to turn off the switch (even though it is in fact turned off), it will turn the state back from Off to On automatically within seconds.

Because of this, I can’t make any automation based on that the state of the switch is OFF.

What have I done wrong?

Just a wild guess… maybe you have the incorrect DTH installed for the device?

My problem is almost the exact opposite as yours. Mine will not turn off, while yours will not turn on. Like yours, the physical LED changes to purple or green appropriately the IDE Current State matches the LED, but the light switch stays ON regardless. Did you solve your problem? I believe mine may be the same cause.

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I think there are issues with a number of the Aeotec devices. I have the switch version of this and it changes to off and on frequently on it’s own in the app but the switch itself is not physically changing state. Lots of chat about it in the following thread:

However, this ‘off/on’ phantom reporting happens with other devices too. Not sure if ST has a general issue somewhere or some devices simply have issues but the problem happens across different brands.

Last summer I had a door sensor report ‘open’ when it wasn’t—at my second home 1500 miles away. Modified a DTH to ask it current status when it woke up to report battery status. Next time it woke up, it reported door ‘closed.’ Reloaded the original, stock DTH & it’s been just fine ever since. :flushed:

My feeling is “unpredictable, phantom events” or, more likely (IMHO), something got scrambled on the ST side.

Can’t prove it. Just a hunch…

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I’ve got the same problem. Did you? I’m only using it for the usb port, otherwise it’s useless…

I solved it, but not by fixing anything. I kind of cheated. I returned it as defective, and started a fresh setup with the replacement, and it’s been working flawless. My assumption was that something went wrong with my initial setup and even though I was resetting it back to its defaults, something wasn’t resetting. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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