Aeotec Siren v.5 device CANNOT BE DELETED from ST app (the new one)

I had the siren for a while, but at one point I noticed it became OFFLINE. All my efforts to make it work again (unplug, replug) reboot the ST hub were in vain. Then the only solution was to delete the device despite the fact that I will have to correct all my pistons. I then tried to delete the siren in the new ST app. After deletion it asked for the Z-wave exclusion, I clicked the siren’s button, the app responds immediately with the message Done. Perfect, but the device is still there, it does not get deleted from devices no matter how many times I repeat the same procedure. I think that during this time of isolation I’m getting crazy faster than before. I don’t f… understand how is it possible that these guys behind the ST app can sleep at night. Have they ever tried deleting a device themselves?
What a heck is happening?
BTW the Siren is fine because I can add it to ST as a new device, but I cannot delete the old one. It pisses me off

Have you corrected your pistons yet and pointed them to the new device? How about ensuring no other smartapp is using the device? If you’ve done both… have you tried deleting the device from the groovy ide?

No, I did not, but forget the pistons, they don’t have anything to do with the incapacity of deleting the device from the ST app. I decided not to create a new siren device before I property delete the old siren.

I did a bit of research about devices getting offline. And some people recommend a device Replace instead of Delete. This way I didn’t have to correct my existing automations.
But I was not able to find a way to replace a device in the new ST app, it was available just in the Classic ST app.
I used the Replace button in the old ST app, and it worked just fine.
Why after so many months of existence the new ST app does not offer this option? Can someone answer this question? At least the Replace worked in the classic app, but the Delete does not in the new one. The ST app (sorry for my French) is a piece of crap, and the developers should be ashamed, because this is just a small aspect of the many many bugs and limitations of the ST app. Too bad for Samsung because the web automation system we are using in the back is so good and powerful and flexible

I’m having similar problem. Just contacted support and I’m waiting instructions. I had a sensor which could not be deleted from new app. It says “failed”. Sensor is not used by any smart app.
Went to IDE, managed to delete device. Hooray. Went to old application and device was gone…wohoo…
Went to new app and the device is still there. It even reports data normally …
Anyway… when I’m trying to delete it… it says “failed”.