Aeotec Range Extender

i’m also solid red (not flashing), even tho i reassigned it as a relay. did you find solution to this? on the website of aetec, they said the light should be either green or blue when connected…

No. As far as the IDE was concerned, it was active. I did find that I had the older, non “Plus” version, and it likely did not have the range I needed. I installed a pocket socket and all is working now. So I’ve abandoned this device.

whats a pocket socket?

Term commonly used for devices like this:

Any plug-in zwave (or zigbee) device that derives its power from an existing outlet.

I just wanted to add my experience with the aeotec extender. Have a homeseer plus dimmer about 30 ft from my hub and it barely connected and basically never worked after that. So I put one of the plus versions of the extender half way down the hall and the dimmer is now reliable and fast. Double and triple taps are also working great. I highly recommend these if you don’t have a need for the above mentioned outlet or switch in between the devices, they do work.

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They work, it’s just that they don’t work any better than any other Z wave plus device, such as a plug-in module that also lets you control something that is plugged into it. So you might as well buy a dual purpose device and get more value out of it. :sunglasses:

Just adding here as a helpful hint to those who may be in the same situation as myself. I live out in the “sticks” and used to have range and control issues with my pump house and also my detached shop. My first attempt with repeaters by plugging them into a handy wall outlet had no effect. The pump house is surrounded by blackberrys and other brush so I tried hanging the repeater from the ceiling via an extension cord, effectively clearing the brush from the signal path, and it has been working well ever since. Did a similar thing with my detached shop which is a metal building. The metal was obviously interfering with the signal and causing a lot of issues, so again, I plugged a repeater into an extension cord and set it on a windowsill facing the house. Fixed everything. I realize they work the same as installing another z wave device but this saved me the effort of wiring in other devices I would never use.

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These devices still have great usefulness for me. I have a garage 100+ feet from the house, and there are numerous Z-Wave and Z-Wave+ devices in each building that are mains-powered. I had constant trouble maintaining contact even when I put Z-Wave wired outlets in the windows facing each other. Adding one of these in the house, in a window facing the garage, has solved all connectivity problems for the past several months.

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I have the Aeotec Range Extender 6, but when I install the generic jhamstead device handler/device, my Z-Wave Repeater always show on my iOS SmartThings app as “offline”. Any clues to fix this?

Can you send me your live logs? I can take a look at the issue.

The attached screenshot is a live log of the Aeotec Z-Wave Repeater 6 with your most recent device handler. The log shows the result of repeatedly clicking the Force Reconfig tile. My settings icon also always displays the “OFFLINE” message. Thanks for taking a look at this.

Unfortunately there is nothing in the logs indicating that the repeater is responding. Can you try to ‘replace’ the repeater in the SmartThings Classic App under settings of the device? Then issue the physical reset of the repeater. Not sure the procedure for that device.

When I successfully add the Aeotec Range Extender 6 Thing, the Z-Wave Repeater shows a status of Unknown. When I go to its Setting screen, I only have the option to Remove the device. There is no Replace option.

BTW: The Aeotec also is recognized as an RGBW light when adding.

Thanks again for trying to troubleshoot this. I’ve found Z-Wave devices to be finicky when working with SmartThings, going in and out of being Available and Not Available. Zigbee devices seem to work just fine.

All Z-Wave devices should show a replace option. If not, the device is recognized as something else. Perhaps you should exclude the repeater, remove the device and try pairing again.

I/m really mixed up & a real beginner… I have Schlage deadbolts installed, I have the Smartthings hub (not set up yet). I think I need a repeater that has beaming for these locks. Can you just tell me which ones to buy because it’s hard for me to understand which support beaming and which do not. It would be great if they did’nt cover up the top outlet! Also I would like one that also has zigbee as well as the ZW with beaming. Can you just real specifically tell which to buy! I’m really frustrated!

It can definitely be confusing, however, given the specifications you listed, there’s actually only one device that I’m aware of for sale at retail, just because there’s only one which has both Zigbee and zwave, but fortunately it also supports beaming. :sunglasses:

Get this exact model, 3210 – L

You can find it at Lowes or at Amazon. But make sure it is that model number exactly.

But you know that the smart plug can’t act as a repeater until you also have your smartthings hub set up and both the lock and the plug added to your SmartThings account, right?

Also, just to be sure we’re giving you the right advice, what’s the exact model number of the Schlage lock?

They are BE469NX CAM 605
one on the front door and one on the garage to house door
they are keyed alike

I also want to be able to have the lock open when we approach the house and I believe there is some sort of “fob” or something to have in the car or purse to make this happen. I believe from reading and reading and reading this might be called a geo fence??? What would I need to do that?

Yes I know about the plug and lock needs to be added to my ST – I hope I will know how to do that!

Thank you so much for helping me with this. I’m sorry to be taking up your time though. But THANK YOU.

A geo-fence is just an imaginary line that marks a circle around the location. Then you need some kind of device that will report to smartthings when you cross that line.

There are a number of different devices that can do this. For some people, all they need is their regular smart phone.

Other people will find that a separate key fob type device is more reliable, but sometimes it’s the other way around. It just has to do with local architecture and geography and where the cell phone towers are located in lots of little details like that.

Yet another option is to get a Camera with face recognition. That can work well for the members of the household, but obviously doesn’t work for Airbnb or a rental cabin.

All of these options are just called “presence detection.” See the FAQ (this is a clickable link)