Aeotec Doorbell: how can I load and play custom sounds?

I’ve seen several references to the ability to load custom .mp3 sounds in the doorbell, and to be able to make a call to a specific file, but can’t find any clear “how to” information.

I have several door sensor and would like to assign a distinct sound to each one when the door is opened.

I have to doorbell working, but can’t figure out how to load and make calls to custom sound files.


Sorry all…I think I have it figured out, mostly. Took a while for my brain to click onto the right track!

Was just about to reply to you. Hope you sae that the first file should be a dead sound/blank/no sound mp3. Sometimes the speaker triggers for no reason. When it does this, it plays the first track. Having a blank sound file first keeps from having a doorbell sound when it does this in the middle of the night, etc.

I did not know that! Thanks for that. Now I’m trying to get the numerical listing to sync with the selection made in the smart app. I have files
01 - X1.mp3
02 - X2.mp3
03 - X3.mp3

09 - X9.mp3

I copy those to the doorbell, but when I select, say 02, it will play a different file.

I’m (as usual) perplexed :slight_smile:

Did you start with a formated/erased drive? It actually assigns the track number in the order the mps3 are added to the drive. First mp3 saved=track 1. I copy them over one at a time in order and use a similar name format you are using to keep everything straight. I found tat if I copied more than one at t time the order got messed ip.

that’s the fix! thank you so much…now I can get some sleep!

I’ll quite while i’m ahead. Thank you! :+1:

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I’ve never had an issue with the speaker randomly announcing (although I have seen that other people do) so I changed the first .mp3 to my voice saying “The power is back on” since the speaker uses the first .mp3 when it’s first plugged in (or if, you know, the power goes out, and then comes back). It’s in the back of my house so if it should start randomly announcing “The power is back on” it’s not a big deal.

Do I understand that, anytime I want to change a single mp3 file, but want to retain the existing order, I should wipe the files off the doorbell storage and reload all files back 1 X 1?

I like your idea of making the first file announce that the power has been restored! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! And you are correct - wipe files, and re-upload.

I know this is an older post, but I was wondering if you could help me out with a few “how to” details on how you did this?

I just purchased the Aeotec Doorbell 6, will it work with that device?

I am new to the Aeotec doorbell product, but I have decent programming experience.

Any help is appreciated!

I have no idea or experience with the Aeotec Doorbell 6.

For the 5 - I took five mp3’s that I prerecorded.

I plugged the 5 into my PC and did a format of the “hard drive”.

I then (in Windows File Manager) dragged each mp3 over to the 5 in the order I wanted. The order is important to remember, in Webcore you can call out which track you want it to play. I’m pretty sure the 5 can do more than five, but I only needed five.

You might, as i said above, need to make the first one a generic mp3, if you’re having issues. It’s pretty easy to just plug it into a PC and format and drag mp3’s over again if you are.

Then I unplugged from my PC and plugged it into a wall socket.

can anyone actually tell me how to add or load different sounds for aeotec doorbell 6. i am not a programer, coder … i have some knowledge of computers but not coding

I’m in the middle of moving, so all my ST tech is packed away. As I recall, you simply connect the doorbell to your computer via USB and copy your sound files onto the device.
I prefaced the file name of the sound file with a numbering order…e.g.

Load the files onto the device one-by-one in following the numeric order you’ve assigned.

You should then be able to call the appropriate sound.