Aeotec (aeon labs) z-wave door / window sensor (dsb04100-zwus)

Since I cant find it out there anywhere does this device have a relay in there so you can hook on wire to trigger it. I want to use them for a driveway alarm using the Dakota-2500. Found a good deal for just the remotes without the magnets.

Under the cover it has a Normally Open low voltage contact terminal - It does not contain a Relay ( you can’t trigger something plugged into it with the device, but something plugged into it can trigger the device to send a signal)

Hope that helps -

Just what I was looking for…thx

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turn out no it does not now I have 6 of these that I need to find a home for. FIrst I need to figure out how to get them included to my network. ST can’t seem to find them