Aeon Multi Sensor Battery Life

I’ve been using the Aeon Multi Sensor on the front porch for almost 6 months, battery life is down to 20%. I just added a new one to the back driveway area last night.

I updated firmware on both, I did have to remove and re-add them both to get them to report after the update.

6-7 months is not great battery life but I guess it’s way better than 10 days.

Yeah, just updated mine, looks like I have to re-add it as well.

Note the firmware 1.18 has been released since January 2013, if not even earlier. The firmware tool will keep updating the firmware over and over, but it is the same version unless you have a really old Aeon Multi!

I got mine 2 months ago and it came with FW version 0.86. (New from amazon) Also when i plug mine in now it tells me i am on the latest.

Interesting. Mine just plugs in. Start firmware tool and execute the same 1.18 update successfully each time. It gives me no details about firmware version or being updated to the latest. I just used the firmware updater tool from the AEON site.


I have 9 of these sensors with only two using batteries. One kept running through batteries quickly like yours. I also noticed that it would fail a Z-Wave repair. I now have this one plugged into power and no longer have the Z-Wave issue.

You may want to try a Z-Wave repair.

At least Aeon Multi-Sensor has a powered option whereas SmartThings removed this in their latest version. I understand the setup convenience of batteries, however, in the long run it is a pain.

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This is not normal. Do you know if the device would be vibrating all the time? Is it on something that may be moving a lot?

What I have noticed since just recently adding one outdoor at a vacation house, is that it seems to register motion alerts every couple minutes. I wasn’t getting any messages on that, noticed from the activity page only. Curious if that would impact battery life (likely) and whether turning the senstivity way down just defeats the purpose of the motion capability. I’m already about 15 or so feet from the front steps. Thanks.

This will kill battery. Same principle if you had an app that turned your cell phone screen on every 30 seconds. That would kill your battery too. I’d try and optimize the sensitivity to reduce those false positives.

Yep, makes sense if it is waking it up when otherwise would be in some other mode, I think the temp and humidity are more of an occasional polling. I guess the recording of the event takes some juice as well. Thanks, Jeff

So I updated the FW on my sensor, will be watching to see what happens. A few notable things about this device:

  1. The firmware updater has a faint smell of lameness - there is apparently no way to tell what version you currently have installed. The updater runs to completion and announces success regardless of what’s in there.
  2. At least in my case, I must have had an earlier version. After updating the firmware, my device was no longer seen by my hub. I had to add it as a new device.
  3. Removing the old, no-longer-visible device leads to some bad UI on my iPhone app. There were instructions to remove following the device instructions - I have no idea what those are or where to find them. Failure to do whatever I was supposed to do there (still don’t know) meant doing a forced uninstall, which carried some warnings that used terminology I didn’t understand regarding dire consequences. Said consequences must not have been too dire, as the device is now operating properly.
  4. Opening the device to replace those oh-so-quickly depleted batteries brought an unpleasant surprise: a small pocket of rusty water in the battery compartment. This is an outdoor-rated device, and I have it mounted properly. There is no doubt that it will eventually suffer horrible battery corrosion and die unless this is some kind of strange one-of-a-kind leak, which seems implausible.

Anyway, all that aside, I will be eager to see if the one-week battery discharge improves with the new firmware.

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Mine lasts about 6 months but it does support a USB power supply, notably the only sensor on the market that does.

STs original motion sensor does too.

Yeah but the new zigbee one doesn’t so I guess they are moving away from Z Wave.

The old one is Zigbee too

So it is, weird I thought it was Z Wave.

So the firmware update did nothing to improve the situation. Of course, there is no way to even determine if the firmware was actually udpated - shame on Aeon for a totally lame update package.

After a FW update and some new batteries, the sensor ran for a few weeks - then stopped reporting. The last battery sensor reading, oddly enough, was 100% - never got a low battery alarm. Tested the batteries, all four completely dead. Not sure of the exact lifespan, but < 1 month.

I’m about to take a trip so I was updating batteries on everything else today. The SmartThings motion sensors exhibit stellar usage, I am guessing my door sensors are going to get close to a year if the usage is linear.

One thing that would be nice would be if I could turn off some of the reporting on the Aeon - I’m sure it would help if it wasn’t sending an update on the light level, humidity, and temperature every 15 minutes. But there is no way to configure this thing in the SmartThings app. I don’t care at all about the lux, and temperature readings would be appropriate if they came on demand.

When I’m back from my trip I’ll try to engage Aeon support. But for now I’d have to say this device is basically a one-star review unless you can operate it with line power. If I had a mounting position that wasn’t exposed to the rain I’d use a SmartThings motion sensor - I have another one operating outside in a protected area and it is doing great despite being used out of spec.

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How does one tell what firmware the Aeon is running? The information I get from ST isn’t very much. Also, it shows 1000 lux, is that really how bright it is? Is that normal? When I tap the gear it doesn’t do anything so I assume the only thing it does is display the current lux?

When I tap the gear it doesn’t do anything

Are you referring to the circle in the upper right hand corner of the icon box, as shown below?

Unfortunately, you can’t tell which version you have. The only way to positively make sure you have the latest is to load it.

If you bought it recently you probably have the latest unless it was sitting in inventory for some time.