Aeon Minimotes not working 30 March 2015


Continuing the discussion from GE/Jasco wall switches stopped functioning remotely this week:

OK, that’s just…weird. How many are there and what are they set to trigger?


As far as I know there are no known issues with Aeon Minimotes right now. I have one at home that’s been great and I just had someone else test it right now.


Mine is working OK also, but I just wondered if there might be a specific action, such as held vs pressed, or a specific app that was failing.

(Eric) #4

Its down to one minimote. Haven’t considered yet whether to just exclude it and reinclude or spend more time messing with it. This might just be an artifact now of my big zwave dropoff from a few weeks back and didn’t notice these minimotes not working since they aren’t used a lot.

I am going with that explanation for now. :relaxed: