Aeon Labs Minimote

I just bought the Aeon Labs Minimote. I was woundering how do I set the buttons up. (for example)

button 1 push light on
button 1 hold light off
button 2 push light on
button 2 hold light off
button 3 push light on
button 3 hold light off

so in spectate i have ST, phillips hue lights, and aeon minimize

The easiest is just to use the official smart lighting feature. It should work fine with that. :sunglasses:

In smartlighting first you select the hue bulb that you want to control, then you say you want to trigger it with a “button press” and then it will let you select the minimote and specify which button.

I use CoRE myself. It allows you to have multiple things activated from each press. But it can have a little delay due to it not running locally like smart lighting. But usually nothinge that bothersome.

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