Aeon Micro Existing 3-way

(Erik Franzen) #1

OK I have looked at all kinds of stuff on wiring this up so I can keep both switches in-place. But I am lost. It looks like I need to run at least one more wire to get this to work. Let me know if it is possible without running anymore wires.


(Erik Franzen) #2

I think I got it. I think it needs to be wired like this.

(Todd Whitehead) #3

That will not work.

I don’t think you can make this configuration work. The problem is, in order to keep the 3-way switching working, you need all the wires you have, but you also need both an always on black and white wire for the Aeon to work. You need to put the Aeon in the “to light” switch, but there is not unswitched power there.

I cannot think of a way to make this work with the existing wiring.

I think your only option here would be to use a z-wave switch and a 3-way slave.


(Erik Franzen) #4

I was reading another post and this is what they described. What you are doing to making a series momentary switch. there is a small time gap between the switch leave pole 1 and connecting to pole 2. this makes the Aeon think you pushed a momentary style button. by jumping these points you will always have power going down the travel wire. But when you flip the switch you will break that connection just for a slip second causing the Micro Switch or Dimmer to change state.

(Todd Whitehead) #5

But, won’t that drop power to the Aeon module too?

Also, the configuration where you are using voltage on the switch side to trigger the Aeon isn’t the most reliable.

Still, if this works, I want to use it for one of my “challenges”!

Let me know if it works!!!


(Erik Franzen) #6

Aeon won’t drop power because I am bring power on the black wire all the way form gang one. I just split it to give power to the switch too. I should have this wired up in the next few days I will let you know how it goes.

(Todd Whitehead) #7

You’re right. I missed that. Please let me know how it goes!