Aeon Labs Smart Energy Monitor Meter

On mine, there is only one reading, which is the combined value of the two legs.

Unplug the HEM from USB power and battery reporting will happen eventually.

No. You need a custom DTH to see readings for each leg.

Try checking out this thread Aeon Home Energy Meter v1 -- Read Clamps Separately

@johnconstantelo I updated the DTH today for IOS and the text is again to small to read. I tried going into config and click done no luck.

Ah crap… Which tiles, can you post a screenshot?

Hi @joelw135, I just updated Github again. Text should render again to a larger size. I’ll put the changes back after the next iOS release since supposedly it should be resolved by then.

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Thank you John works perfectly now.

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Hi Why I see on corner yellow ! ?

Do you have batteries installed? If so, have you run the HEM on batteries for at least long as you have it configured to send? It’s the second to the last parameter.

What version of my DTH are you using?

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HI @johnconstantelo

No, I did not have battery.

I just update DTH for latest version 09-28-2017 butt still the same yellow ! on corner.

Now that’s odd. You can try 2 things:

  1. Edit the code and put"//" in front of the battery capability on line 70.


  1. Set the battery reporting frequency for 60 seconds and wait a couple minutes for the device to refresh and go back to disabling battery reporting and set the parameter to 0.
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Hi @johnconstantelo, I just update DTH then works, thank you.

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Is there a place in the code I can increase the font size for the Watts reading? Specifically the round tile on the dashboard and also the 6x4 tile in the device page. I have the latest DH. Thanks…

Unfortunately there’s no way to adjust just the font size.

I have dug through this topic and didn’t find anything related to extremely high readings.

I have one of my HEM’s hooked up on the 240 service lines coming into my breaker box to read total power consumption. I reset my kWh yesterday at 12AM and since then I have consumed 6403 KWh!!! Not even possible…

This seems to be happening for all of my AEON v1 HEM’s… I thought maybe there was a calculation error in the DH but I appear to be the only one having this problem.

Anyone else share this issue?

You’re not the only person having this problem. The DTH only reports what the HEM sends, and the HEM will send crazy high watts and kWh numbers every so often.

In my DTH, you can set a high limit for watts, and I’m still working on a methods that works reliably for hWh.

We also discussed it here:

Thanks for the reply. Kudos on the DTH btw.

I’m starting to consider the HEM as the problem. After some further troubleshooting I found that the HEM is sending values even after removing it from the feeder cables. The values are all over the place 1700 then refresh, 2400 then refresh, 2200 (I’m rounding).

I’ve ensured the latest firmware. Are these Gen 1’s just that inaccurate?

I’m hoping I’m wrong…

I think I figured it out. I read in another post that after you update the firmware you have to exclude the HEM from the zwave network and add it back in.

This has appeared to clear up all of my problems. Before that it was showing on average we were using 19000+ watts!!!

Anyway thanks for the help and the DTH!


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Hi I have two of DSB09104-ZWUS working very well for long time, 3 days ago I added one new device but I do not what is happening, this new device do not report nothing.

I have removed device 3 times but still on same way.

I use DH from jscgs350, last version 10-26-2017