Aeon Labs Recessed Sensor Gen 5 won't connect

Has anyone had issues with this item not connecting and if so did they find a fix.

Basically I have followed the instructions and tried to have it join the network both ways.

I open up the app hit either the connect new things or the specific and then press the tab on the sensor. The light goes on for 5 seconds and circle on the app spins and spins and spins but nothing connects and joins. The sensor is only inches away from the hub.

Have you given these steps a shot?

Tried that too now and all I get is spinning, spinning, spinning on the General Device Exclusion screen

You might want to try If it’s not excluding then the device isn’t communicating with the hub at all. You’ll need to get that first step to be successful or it won’t pair.

edit: also try rebooting your hub

Dumb question @Tyler does rebooting the hub mean I have to re add everything.

Nope, just remove power (and batteries if you have them in) and wait a few minutes.

Okay thanks I will try that next now.

Done that and still nothing. Any other suggestions?

@Tyler managed to use a couple of the steps you listed and got the thing on line and working.

Thanks for the help. I promise not to bug you about the Arlo cameras for at least a week. :grin:

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