Aeon Labs AEDSB09104ZWUS Power Monitor Meter

I purchased a AEDSB09104ZWUS I’ve installed a device handler and it shows up in smart things. I’ve entered my $kw/hr however I feel like it is very high. It’s possible I used $300 in power in a day but doubtful. That is more than my monthly bill. Am I missing something as far as configuration?

Who’s device handler are you using?

bridaus. Found it here.

That’s for the gen 2 version of the HEM, but according to the model number in the title, you purchased a gen 1 HEM.

Give this DH a try:

Trying that now. Thanks!

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There is without a doubt an issue. From the 27th to the 7th I used 557 kWh. The app estimated my bill to be over $500. My rate is 0.09/kWh.

That’s odd. Here’s what mine looks like. Have you tapped on the Reset Energy tile to see if things change?

In 4 hours the app is saying I’ve used 110kWh. My meter outside is digital and it is not near that. I thought maybe it was a decimal point issue so I put my rate in as .0094, it was .094.