Aeon Doorbell Type Beta

because I’m dependent on text to speech, I cannot read the code (trust me, you don’t want to try to do groovy with text-to-speech).

Based on the user manual for this device, the lifeline group is association group one, not association Two. They’re using group two for scene management which smartthings does not support.

Here is the developer documentation. Look for the section on association and it will explain.

Also I would definitely verify the current associations. Configuration can be really tricky for sleepy devices. They may sleep through part of it. If you’re trying to configure several different things as part of initial pairing, they may just not all get set. So it’s always good to verify.

Re: Point 6. We tested the device with the wireless button lying down on our porch table and both controller and speaker being 2 rooms across from the porch door and it worked just fine. It’s not that the button doesn’t handle any obstruction, it’s specifically about the interference caused by human body conductivity.

Let us know if you do experience any range issues though and we will pass it on to Aeotec.

No range issues; I am getting 50 feet easily

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Same here about 30 feet and through walls unfortunately without a working device type this is the same as a $15 “dumb” doorbell via Amazon so I can’t recommend it to anyone.

I got my shipping confirmation… shipping from hong kong directly again so it will take a week or so. Then I’m on it.

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This is a device type, not a smartapp. Different publishing procedure. This might help:

Heh, yeah, I just figured that out, and deleted my original post. Thanks! Gonna push onward.

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Has anyone had luck turning on basic reports for parameter 80? Im trying to build a simply smart app to send push notifications when the doorbell button is pressed. I cannot even seem to get the doorbell presses to show up in the log.

Through some playing; I got it working. I experimented with the Association commands followed by command 80. Eventually it started working. I am still trying to replicate it. Right now I am getting notifications and reports.

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I’ve been doing the same, however with no luck. Assuming everything you did was based on the code within this thread, correct? I’ve tried changing between Association Groups 1 and 2, and different ways of setting the parameter, nothing seems to work. Am I at least correct in that I should be seeing the doorbell press in the SmartThings Live Logging?

Ok, I’ll try to describe what I did. I was messing with the configure button in the code.

  1. I set the Association to group 2.
  2. I removed the Association to Group 1.
  3. I played around with command 0x80 and 80 setting to 1, and 2.
  4. I set the Association to Group 1
  5. I removed the Association to Group 2.
    At that point it started working.

I have been tinkering in the same exact section, referencing documentation found in another tread. According to that it should be group 1, parameter 80, setting it to 2. Thank you for your help, I will keep testing to see what I can figure out.

Good catch, I fixed my post above.

Based on user manual, it looks like the doorbell uses group one for the lifeline (including notifications) and group two for zwave scene management (which smartthings does not fully support).

I’m assuming the chime shows up as a Z wave device in the IDE and the button itself doesn’t show up at all. Is that correct? I’m not talking that the logs, just talking about the list of devices.

I’m looking for any method by which I can send notifications when the doorbell button is pressed. Im using the Notify Me When SmartApp as the basis for my code, but I cannot get anything to register other than the siren being set off.

I disagree — Smartthings can handle scene reports. That’s how the minimote and the enerwave work. It can’t build scenes natively and configure the sending device etc.

Fair enough. I have edited my post to say “does not fully support.”

Is it possible to send a configuration get command in order to read the parameters current settings? I’m a software developer, however this particular language is not something I’m familiar with.

Yes. It is possible. I generally make my custom device types read back set values to confirm they’ve taken.

Okay folks, package showed up from Hong Kong! Ready to start coding!


Ok so first viable code is out. I didn’t look at others code first, I just hacked out what I thought I would want. Initially I was going to use a volume slider for the ring volume but then I realize, do I ever do that on a normal doorbell, have I ever cared? No. As for changing ringtones, I think when I HAD a doorbell that I could do that on I might change it twice a year around the holidays or so… So I tucked rings, volume and tone into the preferences section. Also, I’m not updating them like Duncan does, I just blow out all the configuration values whenever the preferences are set and give you the config button like I do in all my handlers. I may remove it though since there are no controls on the details view… Anyway, it works, the notifications work and light up the main tile, test button works, remote works, it works with smart home monitor, I tripped the doorbell using a motion sensor… I haven’t tested on android yet but everything I’m doing is “safe” so I doubt there will be issues.

Before I release I want to tidy up a couple loose ends, mostly with the button pressing of the main unit, and giving the ability for a smart app to mute the doorbell which I got as a suggestion on twitter and it looks like @thoward1234 has done something similar with his code. I backtracked after finishing and before posting this final reply tonight to see what has been done. I see the issues you guys had with the association group. I left mine set to default so I didn’t have that issues and pulled the report to see how it was set, as many things apparently like to be in group 2. Usually when I make a new device type I like to peek at the configuration settings prior to changing them, especially when they add in anything near a working state with another device type. Since it added as the Aeon siren, it was “working” though not at full steam since the volume was only set to half… Anyhow, I’ll probably finish it up later this week unless you guys are just dying for v.1 now.

Thought about usability? Do you all like the idea of a volume or ring tone selection button on the details screen, what about the ability for smart apps to be able to change the tone or play a specific tone? These things are doable, but obviously require some coding…Also for any smart app devs, I’d like to see what other sirens or doorbells do and if there are any smartapps doing the above right now. Personally I’d like to have the ability to play a dog barking MP3 if an outside motion gets trigged, and maybe a different noise when motion is detected in the driveway.


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