Advices for new users waiting for hub V2

Hello SmartThings community :smiley:
Im a new user (building a new home) and i would like to know if there is any advice you can give that you would like to have known when you bought smartthings.

I know there are a lot of us new users waiting the realese of the V2 hub to buy, im going to buy like 50 devices and if you have any advice to change any of them that would be great

This is the devices im planing to buy:

2x Nexus Player …200USD
17x Monoprice Z-Wave Door sensor…408USD
13xEcolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector…356USD
0x SmartSense PresenceSensor…0USD
1x SmartThings HUB…150USD
6x linear zwave wall outlet…210USD
7x USB Outlets…105USD
10x Linear WS15Z-1 Z-Wave Wall Switch…300USD
5x Linear Dimmers…175USD
2x ENERWAVE ZWN-SC7 …90usd
1x Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarm Wireless…45USD
1x Schlage Connect…180USD
3x HomeBoy security cmaeras.OR Foscams + NVR…450USD
1x Mint /brava 320…150USD

BTW:Pardon my english, im from Dominican Republic :smile:

My personal (IMHO) quick general recommendation:

Definitely do not buy all of those devices at once … or at least don’t expect them to all work together seamlessly at this time.

Based on the current state of SmartThings and the available competitive products in the same price range, that is too much instability to introduce into your home in one fell swoop. Some functions and features work very well, but some things don’t. If you do everything at once, it will be frustrating to isolate and understand the problems. You’ll lose your enjoyment of the working features.

Install the hub and a few devices and a few SmartApps … and, slowly, incrementally add more. Use this Community Forum to help determine what devices and functionality is or is not yet stable as you progress.

The Community is EXCELLENT at helping each other, but this happens best when we can help you with one issue at a time.


I second that approach. Get a few things working to your satisfaction, then add more pieces in slowly. There are definitely growing pains that can be avoided.

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I would recommend to start slow too. Get a couple of light switches, maybe a lock and door sensors. It is very tempting to install it all at once, but it will drive you insane if you do.

There are some items on your list that are not connected to SmartThings. Maybe start with them. All this amazing technology works really well, but only in our dreams.


I’m also building a new home - I will have over 200 z-wave devices in 1 shot. All my dimmer / light switches are linear wave, ecolink motion sensors in every room, etc. etc. I’ve been running a small test run at my home with about 20 devices for the last 6 months. Everything seems to be working fine.

Will see how it goes :smile:

@tuffcalc How reliable has the system been? im still not sure with vera or smartthings, i think i’ll have to test both hubs

@Eduardo_Veras - pretty reliable. I notice around 9 to 10pm EST each night commands are either slow to process or don’t process at all. Feels like remote server load. Hoping this is solved with smartthings v2.

Remember, I only have 20 devices connected. The real test will be later this year when my new home has 200+ wave devices, and another 30 or so zigbee. I figure if smartthings can’t handle it, another platform will… zwave is pretty generic these days.

Exactly, thats why i’ll get 2 hubs (veras and ST), just in case, since i live outside usa i cant wait months for another shipping